Word of the week – Spring!


I can’t honestly say Spring has sprung but we are so close I can smell it, it’s like we are standing on the precipice of the season waiting to jump into Spring head first. (I’ll just skip over the part where we woke up to a covering of snow on Tuesday morning!)

Last weekend was our first ‘warm’ one of the year and we literally spent all weekend outside, I can’t explain the joy of it and I could literally feel the relief in my skin cells as they absorbed the first natural vitamin D of the year.

photo 5

We washed the cars, pressure washed the driveway to get rid of the salt and I got 8 big bags of garden waste off the lawn and flower beds as we raked, pruned and tidied.

 photo 1

I was over the moon to discover an abundance of green shoots underneath last year’s leaf litter.


I planted some bulbs, put out the patio set and cleaned up the remaining debris from the harsh winter.

We are ready for Spring, bring it on!


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11 thoughts on “Word of the week – Spring!

  1. Sam

    I can tell that you’re an outdoors kind of person Lou so all that cold weather must have been killing you!! Glad you finally got some bona fide vitamin D!! #wotw

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