Word of the Week – Outdoors


The change in the weather has allowed us to start spending more and more time outdoors.  Hubbie and I hiked twice last weekend and on one of the days we even managed to drag the boys away from their computers to join us.  It has been such a relief after months of being cooped up inside to start enjoying the great outdoors again.  It will be better in a few weeks when the spring flowers start to bloom and the leaves come out on the trees and everything will look so much prettier.


We spent lots of time in the garden, while a battle of wits ensued between me and a hungry raccoon! and we rounded off the weekend with our first barbecue of the season.


Being outdoors this week has been such a pleasure and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this mild weather continues 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Outdoors

  1. Sam

    Oh how lovely Lou! I have really been enjoying all the outdoors time we have been having lately – looks like its come just that little bit later to you guys. Long may it continue! #wotw

  2. Mum

    Great News Lou! We too had our first BBQ on Monday, started off fine, but then darkened a bit and finally started to spit with rain, but at least we did it! Here’s to many more.

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