Word of the Week – Changes



Changes are afoot in our imminent future, big changes.


After 2 years of trying to work for someone else Hubbie is still struggling to deal with being an employee rather than the boss and is on the verge of quitting his job to start our own business…again.


I have been resisting this change for a while as I vividly remember the stress being a business owner and am reluctant to go there again but I guess deep down I always knew it would happen and I’m surprised this time hasn’t come sooner.


The organizer and cautious side of me is screaming out to put the breaks on this change but the rest of me is resigned to the fact that this change is inevitable and like the change in the seasons, regardless of how much you don’t want it to come there is no stopping it.


Sometimes it’s better to accept the change and get on with it, as often the anticipation is so much worse than the reality of the event.


So now I’m trying to be brave and accept the changes which is typical of this expat lifestyle. Changes come along with indecent frequency and the only thing to do is roll with the punches, put on your big girl panties, pop a smile on your face and get on with it.


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9 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Changes

  1. Mummy Tries

    Best way to look at it if you ask me! Good luck,although it’s stressful business ownership is so rewarding. I hope to set a successful firm up oneday (I’ve had two not so successful goes so far!) #WotW

  2. Faded Seaside Mama

    Change is so scary – especially when it seems out of your control, but it can also be empowering and motivating and positive. I hope that this is how this change turns out. Good luck!

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