Where for Art Thou Spring?


Here in Canada mother nature is not ready to give up the winter weather and we’ve had a few heavy snowfalls this week.  While much of Europe is seeing signs of springtime here in Canada we are still waiting for the snow to stop.  We still have wind-chill in the minus teens this weekend and huge piles of snow linger on the streets.  I must admit it did look stunning on Thursday morning when I opened the bedroom curtains to see the trees thick with snow and even in my pre-caffeine state I managed an audible “Wow”.












If the long term forecast is to be believed this may be the last of the sub-zero day time temperatures so with crossed fingers I am posting what I dearly hope will be the last of my snowy pictures for this winter.








As our winter temperatures are so cold our climate is extremely dry, our snow is almost grainy and more like the texture of sand (useless for building snowmen!) The dryness also causes build up of static everywhere and I get a shock every time I get in and out of the car and it is awful for your hair and skin.  As the temperature has been creeping towards zero this week the snow has turned heavy and wet and I have spent at least an hour and 20 minutes this week shoveling the damn stuff!  After a particularly tough 40 minutes shoveling on Wednesday a couple of the neighbours came to give me a hand, I tried, in my polite British way, to tell them I could do it but the truth was I was completely done in, it wasn’t getting the snow off the drive but lifting it up onto the pile which was already 4 foot high.  After we’d finished and I went inside I caught my reflection in the mirror and was horrified to see my face the colour of beetroot and my mascara running halfway down my cheeks! No wonder they came to help me I looked like I was about to drop dead of a heart attack!


I think I can speak for the rest of the country when I say bring on the spring 😀









6 thoughts on “Where for Art Thou Spring?

  1. Emily

    Oh my gosh the static!! Haha, my couch shocks me when I stand up. It’s ridiculous. So glad it’s not just me. I thought I was going insane!

    1. Lou Post author

      It drives my mad Emily, I find myself flinching every time I touch something metal because I’m expecting a crack.

  2. Mum

    Lovely blog Lou, the first signs of spring are here,so hopefully it won’t be long before it gets to you. xx

  3. Zhu

    I hate to break the news to you… but spring won’t be anytime soon here! I’m a spring baby (born March 21) and always celebrate my birthday in the snow here, whereas in France I clearly remember seeing flowers at this time of the year. There is not spring here I find. It goes from freezing to very hot just like that.

    1. Lou Post author

      Nooooo don’t say that! We had our first spring here last year and it was pretty warm by the end of march but I had a sneaking feeling that wasn’t normal. It doesn’t help that all my friends are posting pictures of snowdrops and daffodils coming up and my garden is still a foot deep in snow! Oh well, scarves and snow boots for a few more weeks then 😀

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