What’s The Story? – Preparing for Morocco


This is my beloved Land rover Defender on the day we finally finished our preparations for our three week driving tour of Morocco in September 2004.


We bought the car in April 2004 and Hubbie immediately started modifying it to take all the off-roading supplies money could buy because 5 months later we were embarking on a road trip that took us through France and Spain and across Morocco to the Atlas Mountains and Sahara dessert.


Most of our Family and friends thought we were nuts as were prepared our car and ourselves for the trip.  The boys were just 3 and 10 at the time and we were going to spend 3 weeks driving hundreds of miles in what can only be described as harsh terrain.  Preparation was key to making this trip a success.


With less than 20 miles on the clock Hubbie took a drill to the body work to fit a roof rack and ladder (something that made my Dad shudder and exclaim that we were mental!), we fitted an auxiliary battery system and inverter to give us enough power to run a DVD player for the kids and a fridge to keep our food in.  The next thing was the roof tent for us to sleep in and a water tank to give us an emergency supply of water, just in case we had a breakdown.  After all we were going to spend about 3 days in the Sahara Desert itself and taking a chances was not an option.  A CB radio was next, followed by the roof storage boxes to keep a few spare parts.  The road tyres were changed for all terrain tyres and a snorkel was fitted on the side so the air intake was lifted high enough to  keep the air filter free of sand.  We fitted guards to protect sensitive parts of the car and lifted the suspension to give us a greater ground clearance, an awning on the side gave us protection from the harsh sun when we were camping.  Finally a bracket to fit some jerry cans for extra fuel and eventually we were ready to go.  Morocco here we come!

More next week 😀


11 thoughts on “What’s The Story? – Preparing for Morocco

  1. Charly Dove

    Wow what an incredible story, such an amazing post. Love your sense of adventure especially when you had young children too. It must have been the most phenomenal trip and such contrasting countries too. I can’t wait to read what happens next. Brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  2. Tina @ Girl-Meets-Globe

    I look forward to reading more! I about hyperventilated when we had to take a ferry to Morocco from Spain with our kids unexpectedly. I had all of about 12 hours to prepare (we had to get a stamp in our passport for our Spanish visa), otherwise I might have felt differently. I love to see how others travel with kids. I look forward to seeing the rest of your story!

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