What’s the Story? – Photobomb

This is one of those photos that always makes me smile, it’s one of the best photobombs I’ve seen eventhough it was taken well before the word even existed!

Mid-air photobomb

This was Boxing Day 2006 and we were on holiday in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, the holiday that literally changed our lives.

 We were travelling between Banff and Jasper along the Icefields Parkway, often referred to as the most beautiful drive in the world and having done it I believe it to be true.  One of the places to see on the route is the Athabasca Falls which, being December, were mainly frozen except for the bright blue glacial water crashing under the ice, it was spectacular.  On the way back to the car hubbie had walked ahead of me and the boys and stopped to photograph us stumbling through the snow.  Eldest son and I stopped and posed for the shot before hearing a splat beside us as youngest son looked up at us from the snow, giggling. We had no idea what we had captured until we downloaded the photos later that evening…the ultimate mid-air photobomb.

Athabasca Falls



8 thoughts on “What’s the Story? – Photobomb

  1. Charly Dove

    That photo just made me do a proper full on cackle – not even a snort! What a wonderful capture, I bet it makes you smile every time you see it! You are so lucky living in Canada, I remember walking around Banff and Lake Louise, it’s just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  2. Holly Nelson

    What a great pic of such a naughty moment!! You were lucky to get it. We got a photo from years ago in which my brother can be seen in the background doubling back and knocking on a door he had just been told off for knocking – caught red handed! It was only years later that we realised though!

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