Watching Wildlife – Magic Moments #5

When my husband chose our house (see magic moments #4) he picked one that had tall trees and a river at the bottom of the garden.  The boys and I were completely over the moon, although for different reasons, they were excited about the possibilities for fishing in the summer and ice skating in winter when it freezes and I was excited about the wildlife the river attracts. Husband  made a very good choice because I adore where I live and I’m often in awe of how beautiful it is here, It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane day to day part of life without taking a second to realise where you are and how stunning your surroundings are but I make the effort to walk around and see it all, I don’t mean just look at it I mean really see it, absorb it, marvel at it.

Discovering new creatures has been the most exciting and fascinating part of moving to a different continent and finding something new is still a regular occurrence.  If I had a dollar for every time I looked out over the river and exclaimed ‘what the hell is that?!’ I’d be a rich woman! Only yesterday while out on a bike ride we could hear the strangest noises coming from some bulrushes only to discover they were huge bull frogs, I didn’t know they lived around here.  On Thursday, while out cycling I got my first glimpse of a Snapping Turtle.  Not the best pic because of the bulrushes but you can just about make it out basking on the log.


I spend a lot of my free time on the deck at the back of the house that overlooks the garden and river to see what wanders/swims by.  A few weeks ago I got the magic moment I’d been waiting for… A pair of beaver sitting on the riverbank right at the bottom of the garden. Again, I apologise for the quality of the photo but I was so excited I couldn’t think what settings to put the camera on!  An animal that is quintessentially Canadian, in the wild, where I live, MAGIC!

11 thoughts on “Watching Wildlife – Magic Moments #5

  1. Molly @ The Move to America

    I love watching wildlife, and I am very fortunate to be in an area of Cornwall that has a lot of it about. I am currently sitting looking out over a beautiful working harbour and can see so many different birds. It is lovely!

  2. Karen

    That must be so cool, seeing so many new and different animals and sights! We live in suburban London, so don’t get to see many animals other than foxes, and the odd badger! 🙂

  3. Ojo Henley

    OH I love your pictures, you really should work for their tourist board, because I have never had the urge to travel, but I really want to go there!! x

  4. Angeline

    wow! Looks amazing! snapping turtles remind me of my childhood and us finding one in the creek when i lived at home in Canada 🙂 Great memories surround wildlife 🙂

  5. Jaime Oliver

    I would love to live by a river too! i am loving the picture of the turtle!

    I love moments like this when you come across the unexpected

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  6. sarahhillwheeler

    You live in a really magical place. Sadly much of the wildlife I see around here, on way to school, is road kill. Love reading your posts and seeing the animal pcitures!

  7. Nichola Fabfortymum

    Bull Frogs and Beavers, I’d be in wildlife heaven. I would love to hear bull frogs, we don’t get them here. It is one of the things about Canada that I loved the most, there was wildlife everywhere and it never seemed to be too shy. I had photos of bears raiding the bins in a car park!

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