Things I Don’t Miss About England

I can list a whole lot of things I miss about England but that would be an obvious post and not really surprising to anyone. Family and friends would be right at the top of my list along with the British resilience, that attitude that got Londoners through the Blitz. I miss the history and old buildings that ooze character. I miss fish and chips, the smell of the sea, sarcasm and the self deprecating British sense of humour to name but a few however there are a few things about England and the mindset of many Brits that I do not miss at all.

False Friends

Boy did I have more than my fair share of those, I’m sure you know the type, they take advantage, constantly want you to drop everything and go running when they need something, constantly want from you and never give back.   They are life’s takers, they wanted me to run their kids around or look after them all the time or bail them out financially and then despite this they used me as a source of ridicule and showed no respect.  I blame myself for allowing that behavior to continue and I wonder if they miss my constant help or whether they found some other sucker to fill my place until they bled them dry too. So to those people I say goodbye and good riddance, I am so much happier without you and your neediness and drama in my life.

Grey days

Those depressing dull weeks you get when you need to put the lights on as soon as you get up and don’t turn them off until you go to bed. I don’t miss the lack of seasons that happen some years, when the winter is mild and the summer is cool and you can’t really tell the difference between them.

Traffic & Road Rage

Too many cars squished into too few roads resulting in traffic chaos and people freaking out every two minutes. I understand there’s not much that can be done about old roads and infrastructure but I don’t miss a 60 mile journey into London taking 3 hours and the level of aggression from other drivers that goes along with it.

Total Collapse in Adverse Weather

The inability of local authorities to deal with any kind of adverse weather is a bit of a joke.  Snow, heat or rain can bring the whole country to a standstill and I can’t understand why.  Many countries all over the world need to deal with more extreme weather and manage it perfectly well, including here in Canada where my region hasn’t closed a school in over 20 years due to weather despite extreme conditions so why in Britain do they close schools and airports when they get an inch of snow?



This is another British phenomenon which baffles me, why is it a drama to open a bank account, enroll you kid in school or buy a house when it can be done in a fraction of the time in other places in the world?  Unnecessary red tape turns a relatively simple transaction into a traumatic experience.


The Youth of Today

Whilst I try not to sound like an grumpy old woman and probably failing miserably I really don’t get the youth culture which is prevalent in much of the UK.  Chavs and the ‘too cool for school’ attitude baffles me, don’t these kids realise how much they are limiting themselves by not going to school?  I don’t understand why kids put on fake accents either, what’s wrong with being proud of where you come from? Why put on a fake accent to try to sound like you’re from somewhere else?


Jealous People

What is it about Brits in particular that have that attitude where it’s seen as a bad thing to be ambitious, successful, good at something or work hard.  If you have nice things or get on in life you are gossiped about or looked down on or regarded as having ideas above your station or that if you come from a working class background then you should stay there.  Where is the ‘good for you’ attitude that is so prevalent here in North America, why support the underdog all the time, why not celebrate peoples achievements?  A prime example of this was some derogatory comments about Andy Murray just a few hours after his Wimbledon victory.  Brits have moaned about not having a Wimbledon Champion in decades and when they get one they’re still not happy.  I am completely non-judgmental of people’s choices, desires and lifestyles and I love to celebrate the achievements of people I care about, if you’re happy then I’m happy for you, please afford me the same courtesy.



British people that moan about immigrants yet constantly speak of a desire to spend their twilight years in spain…seriously?


So there you have my little rant and I feel so much better for getting all that off my chest! 😀





10 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Miss About England

  1. Mum

    Blimey Lou! That was a rant, sounds all very negative, BUT I LOVE THE UK, I have never EVE had the desire to live anywhere else. I love the beautiful places, I love the eccentric characters, the diversity, the fact that generally everyone is left to live their own lives. I remember when in the East End the Jewish, The Polish, and the first of the black immigrants all lived their own lives, with an acceptance of the differences. The negatives are down to the few, but are blown up by the media. Its all down to Education or the lack of it! I guess its down to whether you see your glass as half full or half empty. However, the great opportunity in the UK is that you can make your own way successfully if you make the effort, which you and Hubby proved!

  2. Paula

    This was a very interesting read and it appears that you are growing more comfortable with keeping your posts *from the heart*. Good for you!

  3. Mama Syder

    As much as I love the Uk, I agree with everything you have written. They are the downsides for sure. I’m soooo with you re; false friends, although I guess you probably get those everywhere. Better off without people like that in your life, they are just soul suckers xxx

  4. Sarah

    Great rant! Always healthy. I agree with so much of this too, but still – after 15 years living as a British expat – hanker for a fix of my birth country too x

  5. Franglaise Mummy

    What a great post and how interesting to see the view of a British expat in Canada. I was a British expat on the French Riviera for 12 years and the traffic and road rage there make British driving seem like a couple of cars on a quiet country road. Unfortunately false friends are as prevalent in France and in the French language as in the UK, and jealousy on the French Riviera is exceptionally high due to the massive difference between the haves (yachts etc) and the have nots (cupboard-sized apartments) there. This was a real eye-opening blog post for me, thanks for sharing.

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