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Molly @ The Move to America has asked us to share the reasons behind the move in this week’s Expat Experience.

There were many factors that influenced our decision to emigrate. None more than the loss of my mother-in-law who had so many plans for her future but was tragically taken from us before she could complete any of them. We learnt from her the importance of living for today.
Our business had become albeit successful, a bit of a monster. I could see Hubbie physically aging (I’m sure I did the same) as I watched him deal with the stresses, strains and long hours that was part and parcel of being a business owner. We wanted to live in a semi-rural setting but needed to be close to London for our work that resulted in hours of crazy commute everyday which began to take it’s toll on Hubbies health. Having visited Canada on several occasions before we realized it could offer what England couldn’t – an outdoorsy, relaxed lifestyle with easy commutes into a prosperous city, good prospects for our boys and millions of miles for us to explore.
Our biggest concern with staying in England was whether it was the right place for our Sons to be. We wanted them to be able to buy their own home and get a stable job. With the economy in such a volatile situation that seemed unlikely.

Canada has turned out exactly as we expected so far, and I say so far even though we have been here 3 years this summer. The expat lifestyle is a fluid, ever changing and I’m sure there are still many twists and turns still for us to experience. So far though our day to day life is much more relaxed than it ever was in England  and we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring this beautiful country,


Can you make it as an expat?

There are many things to consider before you embark on a journey like this my top three tips to help you decide are this:

Are you adaptable?
Stuck in you ways? If you are then don’t do it. Successful immigrants need to be adaptable and able to change with their environment. Everything will be different food, language, climate, you need to think of yourself as a regular chameleon, if you can’t change to suit your surroundings, forget it. If you can then get that application in there’s a world of possibilities on your doorstep

Are you trying to escape?
If your reason for moving is to escape then you need to consider what you are escaping from. You will still be you in another country, your gremlins will be the same too and mundane activities such as washing your windows, grocery shopping and the school run will be there too. If you’re trying to escape reality then you need to emigrate with a millionaire with one foot in the grave and the other on a bar of soap!

You need to weigh the pros and cons of a life abroad. It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement with it all. New experiences, meeting new people and new places to explore but your family and friends won’t be there to share that with you. Is that a sacrifice you are willing to make?

If your answers to these are yes then go for it, Expat life is tough at times but it is very rewarding.

5 thoughts on “The Reason I Left – Expat Experience

  1. Molly @ The Move to America

    Love this post – it was really interesting to read what Canada could offer you instead of living in the UK. It sounds like you made the right choice, and it gives you a chance at the life you wanted. I too do not want to have my life go by without living and doing the things I want.

    I love your advice about being adaptable – sometime the adaption is chosen, sometimes it is forced upon us as expats, so you definitely need to be able to do it.

    Great post!

  2. Jazzygal

    I’ve often wondered why it is people emigrate. I find it intriguing and exciting and love hearing the ex-pat blogger’s stories. I would never be that brave. And I do think it is a very brave thing to do. Great advice for those considering it too 🙂 xx Jazzy

  3. Irene @ Away from Tenerife

    Great post! I totally agree with being able to adapt to change. Change becomes pat of your daily life when you’re an expat!

    I had already read part of your story (I like browsing the archives to get to know a bit more of the person behind the blog :p ) and I think it is a very brave tale. It takes lots of courage to leave with a blooming business and children who can be quite reluctant to the move.

    Good to read that your Canadian adventure is fulfilling your expectations 🙂

  4. Holly Nelson

    Great post. You are right that you should never choose this life to escape. My parents were business owners too and they have just sold up to take to the road! So I understand you there.

    You are right about the expat life being fluid. It is like life gets thrown wide open and there are no more boundaries left. I remember a poem I wrote when I was young about looking at the clouds and feeling so jealous they are able to go anywhere they want. That is us now!

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