The Prompt – Vacation


As I stood on the shore of the lake I was blown away by the view the calm water that didn’t have the slightest ripple, the intense cobalt blue sky and the emerald green pines that is so quintessentially Canadian.  The view, when compared to the other 3 million lakes in Canada, wasn’t anything special but as I stood there this intense feeling of calm and stillness washed over me.


I think it was the realisation of our dream, the ideal that we had been working towards for the preceding 5 years had finally come to fruition and standing there on that beach in awe of the beauty of my surroundings that I finally began to feel that I had arrived.


This feeling of calm, of being completely at peace with the world and utterly relaxed was what we had given up the security and comfort of our lives in England for.  For the first time since we had moved the homesickness started to dwindled and the big hole left by the absence of my family and friends began to shrink and was replaced with a feeling of belonging and being settled.

I don’t think the feelings of homesickness will ever go away completely but ironically it took being away from our new house to make it feel like home. That brief holiday went a long way to healing my expat fears, it helped to calmed my worries and started to heal my soul.



5 thoughts on “The Prompt – Vacation

  1. Mum

    I had the same feeling when we moved here Lou, it didn’t feel like home until we had been away for a short holiday and came back here, odd really!

  2. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    What a lovely piece Lou, and I can understand this feeling. Although we still think of this as a temporary (albeit indefinite!) move, I do feel very settled and it was definitely more obvious when we came back from our first trip to the UK. I did feel glad to be ‘home’, which surprised me at the time. I love how you have described the feeling, very eloquent x Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

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