The Prompt – Reflection



As I step into the canoe I am all too aware of 14-kilometer trip I have agreed to and I reflect on the wisdom of my willingness to try something new… I have a tendency to do that.

14 kilometres, with nothing but the power of our arms and our determination to get us there.  We set off on the clear, still water with the heat of the sun warming our backs.

We hear nothing, absolutely nothing but the rhythmic plop, swoosh, plop, swoosh, plop, swoosh as our paddles propel us on our journey. We are so far from civilization there is no sound whatsoever and for the first time ever I appreciate the term silence is deafening. It is so quiet my ears buzz.

As we take a turn in the river we stop paddling to stare in awe of our surroundings.

The pine trees rise sharply from the edge of the still water to meet the cobalt blue sky and the image is mirrored exactly in the perfectly calm water.

The quintessential Canadian landscape.

A perfect reflection.

I reflect on the change in my life.  The Essex girl from a small rural village and I’m here, in Canada not just living but thriving in these breathtaking surroundings.

As we paddle in harmony we make small, subconscious, almost undetectable adjustments to our strokes so that we are paddling in unison, pulling together in the same direction.

Synchronization is the key to get us to the same destination at the same time, with the least amount of wasted energy.

I reflect on how this afternoon’s adventure is a metaphor for our lives.

Working in harmony, together to achieve our goal with a determination to persevere.

Brut strength, sheer bloody mindedness and a view of the destination will get us to where we want to be.

We step on to the shore at the end of our journey and reflect on our achievement.

It was hard work and our arms and backs ache but when was anything worthwhile easy  to accomplish?

And most importantly we made it,



11 thoughts on “The Prompt – Reflection

  1. Mama Syder

    So beautifully written Lou, I was drawn in to want to read more with every word. Such a fabulous, adventurous life you have in Canada. Love the photo, stunning! xxx

  2. Tracey @ MummyShire

    What amazing photography! Canada is one of my favourite places as we travelled around there on honeymoon, including Banff and Lake Louise. The perfect place to reflect. Thnx for the reminder of what a great time we had on honeymoon xx

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