The Prompt – Bacon

The Prompt for this week is a phrase and it is:

Everything tastes better with bacon…



There’s something about the aroma of bacon that can transport me like a time machine.


I’m 7 years old, it’s Sunday morning and I’ve just woken up in our ancient old caravan alongside my sister, parents and grandparents.  My Grandma is in the tiny kitchen cooking the fried breakfast while my Dad walks down to the tap to get some water to wash up, my mum sets the table and Grandad drives to the shop to get some milk.  My sister and I eagerly anticipate the delicious breakfast followed by a day on the boat in the warm sun, a trip to the beach or a few hours crabbing on the causeway is on the cards.


I’m 22, we’re out on the boat enjoying the late summer sunshine watching the start of the Barge Race.  We sit and munch on the bacon rolls my mum has just cooked while we watch the beautiful old Thames barges with their huge russet sails silently slip passed us.  My two year old jumps excitedly waving and exchanging greetings with some friends as they drift by us.  I reflect on how lucky I am to be here with my family, four generations of us together.


I’m 29, we’ve just flown with our boys on our first trip abroad, we’re in a diner in New York and Hubbie has just ordered waffles with maple syrup and bacon for breakfast.  It’s 6 in the morning, we’re all terribly jet lagged and have been up for hours and my sleep deprived brain cannot comprehend a sweet breakfast that includes bacon but I figure ‘when in Rome’ right?!


I’m 36. It’s a beautifully bright Saturday morning in spring, Hubbie has some invited some clients over to fly their model airplanes on our land, I’m on brunch duty and the smell of the bacon fills the air as I prepare the sandwiches.  I giggle as the men find every excuse in the book for crashing their planes as they glue them back together.  I’ve got the wrong glasses on, one explains.  The sun was in my eyes replies another. I have my controller set up wrong, says the last.  I can’t help laughing, they’re just rubbish at flying but wont admit it I think as I serve the sandwiches grinning to myself.


Everything tastes better with bacon? I’d say so 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Prompt – Bacon

  1. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    What wonderful memories. It’s amazing how a smell can evoke such strong memories isn’t it? Lavender transports me to my grandmothers house, sitting listening to her telling me stories. I love this post, thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  2. Holly Nelson

    Bacon transports me back too – to Sunday mornings when Mum would make bacon butties after the morning shop. The fridge would always be stocked and we would share them as a family. Oh, I wish my Mum was here to make me some again! Beautiful memories xxx

  3. Mum

    How very odd, we had E & B for breakfast This morning, haven’t had that for months and months! I too remember that barge race have some lovely pics somewhere.

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