The Holidays-Canadian Style Part 2

We set off heading south from North Carolina bright and early on day 2 of our road trip.  There was a beautiful blue sky, the sun was shining and you could already feel the temperature rising.  Thankfully the second day was much better weather-wise so although the roads were busy (mainly with cars with Ontario and Quebec plates on them!) the journey was pretty smooth.  We all started to get really excited as we watched the temperature climb through the teens and palm trees appearing on the side of the road in Georgia.   It was about 20o C when we arrived in Florida, quite a change from the -10 wind-chill we left behind.  I chose a house to rent on in Clermont and was lucky enough to get a really great place.  4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a pool and a hot tub not to mention a little over 10 minutes from Disney what more could you want?!


I was a little curious to find out what the boys made of Disney, being 18 and almost 12 they are, in my opinion, a little over the age of Walt Disney World’s target audience.  I really shouldn’t have worried however because each different park had a wide variety of things to do to suit everyone.  We visited all four main Disney Parks; Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic kingdom and Hollywood Studios with days off in between to relax by the pool because all this having fun lark is completely exhausting!


Epcot was a little sciencey with a feel more like a really fun school field trip.  Animal Kingdom was, of course, based around animals.  The Kilimanjaro Safari Ride is great as it drives right through the animal enclosures.


We only spent a half day at Magic Kingdom mainly because most of the attractions are way too young for the boys but also it was New Years’ Eve and completely rammed with people.

Hollywood Studios was my favourite park, we had a great time there. Now, I’m not a particularly noisy person, I prefer to listen to people rather than speak, I absolutely loathe being the centre of attention and would die of embarrassment if put in front of anything other than the tiniest group of people but put me on a roller coaster and you suddenly find out what my lungs can really do! much to the chagrin of some friends and family who have had the unfortunate experience to be sitting near me in just such a situation! So it will be no surprise to some of you reading this when I admit that all over the Disney parks were photos of me eyes closed mouth open and a look of absolute terror on my face as I hurtle through some ride screaming like I’m being murdered!


One of the biggest attractions in the Hollywood Studios is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and all I can say is the clue is in the title.  Despite feeling nauseous with nerves while queuing for these rides I really wanted to experience all of it with the boys I couldn’t stand the thought of them talking about these things at a later date and not being part of it, no way was I going to be the one who was too scared to go on so on I went.  This ride takes you in an elevator (lift) you are basically sitting on a bench with a lap belt across you so really, how bad can it be? It’s not like you are going to be flung about right??? WRONG! This thing literally free falls 13 floors and you become momentarily weightless it was the most awful stomach churning feeling I have ever experienced and when you reach the bottom it shoots you up some more to drop you again, and again, and again. Completely hideous!  This ride did not have the aforementioned screaming photo but one with me leaning against the back wall eyes closed, white knuckled and praying for my life while everyone around me screamed with joy, sickos!

You can totally see why Disney call their employees ‘cast members’ it really is a complete performance from start to finish and they do it so well.  I can appreciate the lengths they go to to uphold the complete fantasy experience from the time you get out of your car to the time you return to it.

We had a blast is Walt Disney World and I’m so glad we have this memory to share with our boys.


8 thoughts on “The Holidays-Canadian Style Part 2

  1. Mama Syder

    Really enjoying reading about your holiday Lou. It sounds fab! Great photos!

    P.S You are much braver than me, I couldnt go on the scary rides! xxx

  2. Jill

    Sound fab Lou. Think Natalie was 5 and Matthew 10 the first time we went. It was so wonderful seeing the look on their faces. Mind you we found it all wow ourselves lol xx

  3. Zhu

    There is no age for some Disney magic!

    I went to Eurodisney in Paris when I was 17. I ad always wanted to go as it opened when I was a little kid in the early 1990s and everyone talked about it. I was a bit disappointed though, not because I was too old but because the Paris site isn’t great. I’ve heard US-based Disneyland are much bigger and better.

    1. Lou Post author

      Very true!
      Orlando is massively bigger than Paris, you really need at least couple of days at each park to get everything done, where I think we did the whole of Eurodisney site two days. There really is no comparison, of course the sunshine and palm trees in Florida helps!

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