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I am so proud of the way my boys are adapting to their new life here in Canada I thought I would dedicate this post to them seeing as this weeks’ Gallery theme is Youth

My sons were 16 and 10 when we emigrated and although we made the decision as a family it was still a tough move to make. When people asked me how old the boys were, during a discussion about our plans, I always got the same response everytime “that’s a difficult age” along with a shake of the head while sucking air through their teeth. Luckily for me our fears for the boys were completely unfounded and they have both settled into life here with such ease quite frankly it makes me a little envious. They have adapted seamlessly, accepted the differences and just gone with it. I am truly blessed that they have handled the changes so well, they both have a large circle of new friends while still keeping in touch with their old ones in England. Don’t get me wrong they are not perfect and spend way too much time in cyberspace but they were brought up in a home with too many ‘i’ products to count so that’s hardly surprising, if that’s the worst they do I’ll take it.

Despite the 6 ½ year age gap they have always got on well together, they have similar interests and enjoy spending time together. I am truly blessed that despite their ages (now 18 and 12) we are still able to spend time together as a family, we often do things together whether it’s a bike ride to the beach, a wander around the zoo, a day trip somewhere new or simply fooling around in the pool together on holiday. They rarely moan or complain and are laid back, easy going and a joy to spend time with. I consider myself extremely fortunate that the youths in my life are so wonderful 😀


18 thoughts on “The Gallery -Youth

  1. Kirsty Sims

    They are a credit to you both! I think its ‘the way they are brought up!’ We too spend lots of quality time as a family and I adore my girls! The boys are really are gorgeous too Lou! XXX XXX

    1. Lou Post author

      Thanks honey. Your girls are wonderful, I have some fab memories of them when they were little xxxx

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