The Gallery – Yellow



I am cheating with this weeks Gallery post and using a photo from last Spring as it is definitely not spring here in Canada.  In fact as I type this it’s snowing again as the leading edge of another winter storm has just arrived which will bring us another 6 inches or so of snow before it clears out tonight.  We have had a few days gorgeous days lately above zero but mother nature is not finished with winter yet.


So I’m sharing this pic of my sunny yellow daffodils to remind myself that it really can’t be winter forever, spring will arrive eventually.


Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

10 thoughts on “The Gallery – Yellow

  1. kelloggsville

    when I saw the picture I was like “no way” – not after last week’s freezing your butt off post!!! Daffodils are my most favourite flower, can’t get enough of them 🙂

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