The Gallery – World Photography Day

As it was world Photography Day on Monday Tara at Sticky Fingers has set us that as our theme this week.  Our task was to take our photo on Monday of where we were and what we were doing. I had a few pics that would all be reminders of my day today so as usual I am stretching the rules for my advantage to include a few photos of significance

Monday was a day of preparation, preparing for the start of the new school year and our camping trip on Saturday.  We have acquired a taste of camping ‘off the beaten track’ and as sister-in-law, Mama Syder said last week “I know what’s coming next Lou…Your hubbie will be giving up town living heading out to the wilderness & building a cabin” So in an attempt to head off this potential problem I’m happy to indulge in a bit of wilderness camping with the strict understanding that we return to civilization afterwards!  The trouble with ‘off the beaten track’ in Canada is that it can lead to close encounters of the bear kind, hence the need to purchase bear spray for our latest camping adventure.


We headed out to collect eldest Sons Student ID. The tuition fees are paid and he has his timetable, orientation is Friday and then he is all set for the next very exciting phase in his life, I’m excited for him, nervous for him and proud of his achievements.






Lastly, marking a day wouldn’t be right without Lou’s lake view. So here is my rather hazy view of the lake on Monday where I took five minutes to reflect, relax and just breathe.

8 thoughts on “The Gallery – World Photography Day

  1. Sarah

    That’s quite a powerful collection of photos really – combined they signal new ventures, adventures, as well as taking the time to be in the moment, whilst change happens with the natural fluidity of life (just hoping you don’t need to actually use that bear spray!) x

  2. Mum

    Is that bear spray big enough Lou, it doesn’t look any bigger than my fly spray? Perhaps it smells much much worse!

  3. Paula

    Best wishes to your son throughout his first year of college! Enjoy your camping this weekend…hope it’s bear free. I’d spend a lot of time down by that lake just relaxing and reflecting too 🙂

  4. Korske Ara

    Hi Lou, It’s great to see you taking part in World Photography Day! In Australia, we use a lot of insect repellent. I’ve never even heard of bear repellent before!

  5. MummaG

    I’m with Korske, I’ve never heard of bear repellent either! great post though for your sake I hope hubbie doesn’t decide that a cabin in the woods is the perfect place to live though I must admit it sounds like a great adventure to me! x

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