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Tara has asked us to share photos of the weather for this weeks Gallery, in particular she asked any of us living abroad to share some sunshine as I know the guys and gals in the UK have been suffering with a lack of sunshine of late.


So, as requested, I will share with you some of my sunny photos, the only problem is that our gorgeous sunny days come with a teeny, weeny downside… -20C!


You see here in Canada we don’t get a huge amount of cloudy days even in the winter, the clouds come in drop snow and move off, then the temperature plummets but hey you can’t have everything, right?! ;-D




So this sums up our weather right now, snow, ice and sunshine.



Of course it doesn’t look that pretty when you’re trying to do the school run while it’s actually falling but we’ll just gloss over that bit!


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10 thoughts on “The Gallery – Weather

  1. jill

    Lovely pictures lou I am jealous a little of the snow, we have not had any at all this winter. I know its a pain but I do like to see some so I feel a bit cheated this year lol. Really enjoy seeing your pictures xxxx

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