The Gallery – Through the eyes of my phone

Tara has given us a great theme for this weeks Gallery post – Through the eyes of my phone.

Like most people my phone is always on me, in fact I’m never more than 10 feet away from it!  Call me sad but I’d even go as far to say I love my Iphone.  What I love best about it is snapping a picture and posting it to facebook or twitter immediately so my family and friends back in England can see what I’m doing.  I like to share my experiences with my loved ones and it’s important for me to be able post a picture and get a comment, it helps me feel that they are still a part of my everyday life.

So here are a few shots I’ve taken over the last two years on my phone and the status updates that they relate to.


The “Come on, it’s only november!” status


The “oh no here comes Hurricane Sandy’ status


The ‘only cloud I’ve seen in 4 weeks’ status


The ‘Look how pretty my garden is this morning’ status


The “I’m not going out in this” status


The “chilling on the beach when I should be doing housework” status


The ‘Wow, I live in a beautiful area” status


The “Not what you want to see at the entrance to the campsite” status


The “How stunning is this place?” status


The “chilling by the camp fire” status


The “digging ourselves out this morning” status


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