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This is my first time joining in with The Gallery linky, as soon as I saw the theme this week I knew it was for me because: C is for Canada


This is my absolute favourite photograph taken in Canada, in fact I have an enlarged version hanging in my dining room.  It was taken during our second holiday here during the Christmas holidays in 2006. We were visiting Banff, Alberta for the first time and were totally awestruck by the beauty of the place.

During the fortnight away we began to reassess our lives and we looked at where we wanted to be in the future.  2006 was a really tough year, which culminated in the loss of my Mother-In-Law. I also had a major fall out with a close friend so life in general had been pretty awful.  This holiday was an ideal opportunity for us to reconnect as a family, to re-evaluate our lifestyle and marked a turning point in our lives, within a few months of returning from this trip we made the decision to emigrate to Canada.




21 thoughts on “The Gallery – The Letter C

  1. Tara

    Wow, that is just gorgeous. Love that you have such vivid memories attached to it to
    Welcome along to The Gallery, great to have you onboard x

  2. Zhu

    What a lovely pic! Love the symbolism in the bridge too, us being immigrants, crossing the bridge to Canada, etc. Well, that’s my interpretation anyway!

    Love the pic of you guys all bundled up as well!

  3. Mrs Darling

    Amazing photos. I studied in Quebec and have been to Toronto with work but would love to go back with my family and visit the rest of Canada too with them.

  4. Suzanne

    Wow, what a brave family! The photo is just gorgeous 🙂 We are planning on a road-trip to Canada for the summer holidays either in 2014 or 2015 – looking to camper van our way round. Will be coming back to you for advice! Whereabouts are you Lou?

    1. Lou Post author

      Thanks Suzanne. I’m happy to help if I can 🙂 a road trip would be a fabulous way to see some of the country. I’m just outside Toronto, right by Lake Ontario.

  5. Kelloggsville

    I’ve spent ages looking at the first picture. It’s colour is clever. But for the patch of rock and the bridge it’s almost like it is desaturated. It is a very beautiful picture.

  6. A Patchwork Life

    Stunning photos! I can absolutely understand why you’ve got the top one hanging on your wall. Must be extra special knowing it was taken at such a major turning point in your lives.

  7. Emma

    I can completely see why that’s one of your favourite pictures, it’s just stunning… I would love to visit Canada, it just looks so beautiful! 🙂

  8. Funky Wellies

    Wow… Amazing photos, I can understand your decision!
    I have been to Canada twice but only visited cities (Montreal, Quebec and Toronto). Next time I will have to spend some time in nature too.

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