The Gallery – The Great Outdoors

One thing we have plenty of here in Canada is the great outdoors, about 9.9 million square kilometres of it to be precise, all ripe for exploring 😀


We’ve always been quite an outdoorsy family but since we moved to Canada we have been able to take it to a whole new level.

This is Hubbie on our first portage with our new canoe.  The idea is that you paddle as far along a lake as you can until you reach the end, then you get out carry the canoe to the next lake and carry on.

This type of outdoors isn’t cut grass and manicured flower beds with primroses standing to attention in neat little colour coordinated rows. This outdoors is nature at it’s best, wild and rugged, the type that sorts the men from the boys and the princesses from the tough girls, (although I will admit to wincing when I got black swamp goop all over my pretty pink pedicure!)


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