The Gallery – Sunday Morning

Yet again Tara has given us a theme that fits in perfectly with me, Sunday Morning.


This was the start of my Sunday morning this week, it definitely wasn’t a normal day for us as it was my 40th Birthday.  The morning began with pressies and cards (I was really spoilt!) shortly followed by a full on breakfast buffet in the hotel restaurant.  We were staying in an area of Ontario called Blue Mountain with my parents who are over visiting as a surprise for my Birthday.

Breakfast was followed by a ride up the mountain to marvel at the view and the fall colour.



My Sunday morning this week was pretty memorable, how was yours?


14 thoughts on “The Gallery – Sunday Morning

  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    Wow, what a Sunday morning! Mine was pretty boring, but I was lucky enough to have an amazing one two weeks earlier for my 40th, so I can’t grumble!
    According to my calculations, your birthday is 6th Oct. I like that date as my younger son was born exactly 4 weeks after my 30th and 6th October is exactly halfway between our birthdays!

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