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Before you roll your eyes or nod off in boredom at even more lake pictures please bare with me, I have a point to make!

When I read that this weeks Gallery theme was Sun I thought it was the ideal opportunity to show what a sunny country I live in.

My first picture was taken in early February 2013 after an intense snowstorm when the temperature was somewhere around -20C.

The second picture was about three weeks ago in mid of June when it was about +30C

As you can see the common factor, despite a massive 50 degree difference in the temperature, is of course the sunshine.

Here in Canada we are lucky enough to get a lot of sun regardless of the season, bright sunshine in winter however can often mean plummeting temperatures but our sunny summers mean plenty of opportunity for enjoying the great outdoors.




26 thoughts on “The Gallery- Sun

  1. Holly Nelson

    This is so so true and something I have often thought. I went for a walk in the snow early spring of this year and even though it was technically cold and the snow was out, because the sun was also out I was boiling!

  2. bluebirdsunshine

    Wow, those are beautiful pics, such extreme differences. Makes me miss the sun that always seems to be shining in Sydney, where I’m from, whether it’s summer or winter.

  3. Charly Dove

    I love seeing your lakes Lou. The first photo reminds me of when we were in Canada years ago. When we were ski-ing I bought an extra item of clothing every time I got to the bottom I was so cold. It was sunny though! Great photos, both are fantastic 🙂

  4. kelloggsville

    is -20C as cold as it sounds, do you have to watch out for frost bite etc, how do you store all the cold stuff and hot stuff lol At least here we only really need one type of stuff …….. wellies!

    1. Lou Post author

      Yes and yes, It does feel as bad as it sounds and yes frost bite is something to be mindful of! It’s different to the damp cold you get in England though as it’s so cold it’s extremely dry here in the winter. Luckily North American homes are generally big and have basements to store all our stuff!

  5. Gemma Wiseman

    Beautiful lighting in that first photo! And even the icicles haven’t warmed and melted in the sun yet! It must be cold! And such a lovely summer view!

  6. MummaG

    Wow, love the contrasting pictures. I’ve been to Canada in the summer but am very afraid to go in the winter because I hate the cold, your beautiful first picture makes me feel like I am missing out on the beauty of it!

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