The Gallery – Something Beautiful

Tara wants to see something beautiful for this weeks Gallery, well that shouldn’t be too hard because one thing Canada has in abundance, even in the depths of winter, is natural beauty.



This is the upside of -20C, when your nasal hairs freeze every time you inhale (I kid you not!) and stepping outside for a minute needs 10 minutes of preparation with hats, gloves, scarves & boots.  Mother nature rewards us for putting up with bone chilling cold and frozen extremities with beautiful blue skies and sunshine and some pretty impressive icicles!





The Gallery

12 thoughts on “The Gallery – Something Beautiful

  1. kelloggsville

    don’t you think it’s amazing of nature that the trees survive it? It is wonderfull. I love coloured glass and light shining on icicles gives me the same sense of ‘I like’ but oh the poor trees!

  2. Liska

    I should be talking about the STUNNING photography and the STUNNING scenery but instead I want to gasp and shudder about the nasal hairs freezing – you can keep that to yourself thank you 😉
    BBBbbbbrrr and to think I have been wishing for snow! We’ve been having unseasonably mild weather in London. 10s and 12s of degrees despite it being January xx

  3. Mum

    Can’t quite imagine how cold that is. Really is beautiful though. Amazin’ how the trees do survive. Nature is so cool…ooops, no pun intended!

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