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This is my idea of total relaxation.

Back to nature and away from the distractions of 21st century life with nothing to worry about except the basics of human survival – shelter and food.  Once the tent is up and the fire is spitting and crackling away I feel all my cares and thoughts melt away.

My busy mind that is usually darting in a hundred different directions quiets allowing a single thought at a time.  I can let go of things that bother me, forget negativity and solutions to niggling problems appear as if from nowhere. Everything is put into perspective.

I haven’t always been a camper, if fact our first camping trip was a bit of a disaster but through experience we have learned how to do it properly so we are prepared for all eventualities and have some luxuries so we are always very comfortable resulting in blissful relaxation.


Camping in France


Camping in the Sahara Desert


Camping in England


13 thoughts on “The Gallery – Relax

  1. Sarah @ Pacific Plate Brit

    Good for you and I hope they’ll be a day I can comfortably persuade my family the energising experience of getting back to basics. Before children I would spend days tramping in the bush, with the bare essentials. I miss those days and with the bombardment of technology that surrounds us in our home it is even more necessary to do just what you are doing. Fabulous. Enjoy x

  2. Angeline

    Camping is fantastic, isn’t it? As you say, it helps with relaxation and its great sitting round a fire listening to the crackling sounds, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. Watching the fireflies(why don’t we get them here?!) ahhhh!

  3. Zhu

    I haven’t really tried camping, not sure why. Camping gear scares me actually, you seem to need so much to be self-sufficient!

  4. Holly Nelson

    I love camping! It gives you time to worry about we the things that, as a human, we should be worrying about – food, water, shelter, those types of things, not deadlines or arguements etc xxx

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