The Gallery-Red

Here’s a coincidence, this weeks Gallery theme is Red and that was the colour I chose for my wedding theme  19 years ago this week.


Here I am at the tender age of 20 with my bridesmaids (my sister and sister-in-law).

My husband and I met when I was just 17 and he was 18.  We had been inseparable for 3 years and had been engaged for a few months when I was surprised to discover that I was pregnant, without so much as a second thought we began to arrange our wedding.  It was a mad few weeks of organising; the church, cars, reception, dress, rings, flowers etc etc.  We were fortunate that my parents had saved some money for my wedding but with a baby on the way we had to be very careful.  We planned a simple and informal day with a few friends and our families.  We were lucky that our families helped with the organising as we were on such a tight timescale and budget.  My Sister-in-law came dress shopping with me and then drew a picture of what I wanted for a dressmaker to copy.  My Mother-in-law made my bouquet, my Mum made my veil, my Auntie made the cake and my Sister (who was planning her own, much grander, wedding for the following year) shared all her research with me for photographers, car hire and caterers.  We were fortunate that it was March and the wedding season hadn’t started because we managed to pull it off and get everything done within six weeks and on a bright, crisp Saturday in March 1994 I was lucky enough to marry my soul mate.

So Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband who really is my other half, these past 19 years have been one hell of a ride 😀


18 thoughts on “The Gallery-Red

  1. Mama Syder

    Awww I remember it well. This post brought a tear to my eye as it brought back fond memories. I love being your bridesmaid and I was so thrilled that you included both me & my Hubby in your big day.

    Oh, and Ive just remembered me & your sister getting a fit of the giggles in the church as my Brother, your soon to be Hubby knelt down at the alter and he had something chalked on the bottom of his smart shoes. A best mans idea of a joke. Had the whole church in hysterics! Great memories and hope you both have many more happy years together xxx

  2. Jill

    Happy anniversary. I remember the day well and thought it was lovely . You all looked fab! Time flies I know ! It’s my 34 anniversary this year .
    Stay happy xxxx

  3. Mum

    Yes it was ‘help!’ on his left shoe and ‘ me!, on his right, at least I knew my baby had married a man with a sense of humour, just like I did!

  4. Zhu

    Ah, now I understand your comment on my blog even more–the going from teen to wife to mom so fast. I also got married “young” (well, 23 is young for a French who don’t believe in marriage in the first place!), I can relate to a certain extend. I wasn’t ready for kids though… gee, some days I wonder it even now I am actually ready but since baby is here, I guess I am!

  5. Mammasaurus

    Happy Anniversary! I also got married at 20 but alas the marriage didn’t last. Those Bridesmaid dresses worked beautifully with your dress and flowers x

  6. Sarah MumofThree World

    What lovely memories, and what a coincidence that the red theme came up at the same time as your anniversary. I’m 39 too and have been with my husband of the same age for 20 years, but we’ve only been married for 13!

  7. sarah

    Happy anniversary! Lovely photos and also a great reminder that a great marriage begins and survives on love rather than years of preparation for just a single day.

  8. Joanne

    Congratulations & happy anniversary. I got married at 18 & celebrate our 20th anniversary next month.

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