The Gallery – Inspirational Women

Tara at Sticky Fingers has given us the theme of Inspirational Women for this weeks gallery theme.  Luckily she gives us the freedom to interpret the theme as we wish because I couldn’t just pick one. These are my inspirational women:


My Maternal Grandmother

The Storyteller. She loved to tell stories about her life in London during world War 2. She was strong, feisty and ruled the roost.  I inherited some of her feisty nature (as did my sister) and her love of singing (not that I sing that well).  99.99% of the time I’m calm and laid back but rub me up the wrong way and it’s like lighting the blue touch paper… you’d better stand back.

My Paternal Grandmother

The Advisor. She was a source of advice and someone who I could talk to about absolutely anything.  She was generous, stubborn, opinionated and wouldn’t suffer fools,  I inherited those traits from her.  I see glimpses of her in my features when I look in the mirror, especially as I’m getting older.


My Mum

The Juggler. She is lots of things to lots of people, often simultaneously.  She is a career girl as well as a mum and managed to juggle both roles.  Strong, independent, hard working with a soft inside.  My mum and I have similar taste and enjoy a lot of the same things.


My late Mother-in-law

The Fighter.  She had such a hard life but never let it get her down, she rolled with the punches and remained positive and a fighter to the end.  She always put her family first even when it was to her own detriment. She taught me all the skills I needed to cope as a young mum for which I will be eternally grateful.












My Sister and Sister-in-law

My support network and my best friends.  Through all of life’s twists and turns they have  been there to listen to my whining, advise, encourage and support me.  Decades of shared experiences, both good and bad, keep us close even though  they are thousands of miles away.

Between them these 6 amazing, strong, feisty, hardworking, loving women have made me the person I am today and are my inspiration as I strive to be more like them.

15 thoughts on “The Gallery – Inspirational Women

  1. Mama Syder

    Awww Lou, this choked me right up! So lovely and Thankyou for the gorgeous mention. And I’m very happy that you consider me a best Friend, I’m so honoured and Dito xxx

  2. Kathryn

    That’s amazing!! I was reading this and then when it got to the photos of your sister and sister-in law I thought….”I know her!” (the one on the right)…..I started following her blog about 10 days ago and had no idea you were related!!!!

  3. Molly @ The Move to America

    A great post!

    I feel the same way about my maternal grandmother and mother too. I lived with my maternal grandparents for ten years and even though there were tensions due to the generation gap, it was one of the best experiences of my life as I got to know my grandmother so well. She was an inspirational woman.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Mum

    Aww Lou, you make me cry so easily!
    I also see me in my Mum, me and Liz in you and your sister, and Dad in Grandad, they are two peas in a pod!

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