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I realise baking chocolate chip cookies is like baking lesson number 1, however, I am not creative at all and don’t really cook with any flair either so I didn’t have a huge amount of choice with the theme this week.

These are my Cookies, not a hard British, dunk in your tea type biscuit but a North American ooey gooey chewy cookie.

Learning to cook properly, as apposed to reheating something, has been my mission since arriving in Canada.  When we had the business back in England I didn’t have either the time or the inclination to cook properly but now I’m a SAHM I have no excuses anymore.

It hasn’t been an easy mission either as the measurements and ingredients are different here.  Generally ingredients are given by volume and are measured in cups, many homes don’t even own kitchen scales.  As well as getting used to measuring out butter in cups, a huge amount of food stuffs of all types are called different names and some things aren’t widely available.  So it’s been a bit of trial and error and I haven’t got much further that a few basic dinners and cupcakes but I’m way better than I was a few months ago.


Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate cupcakes









So forgive me if my contribution to ‘I made this’ seems a bit lame to you but I’m proud of my Chocolate Chip cookies and my boys love them!


18 thoughts on “The Gallery – I made this

  1. MummaG

    Your cookies and cupcakes look far from basic, yum! Well done you for bringing out your internal chef, even if she is just taking baby steps 🙂

  2. Tara

    Love that you set yourself a mission to learn to cook. Brilliant. The things we have to work hardest for always end up being the most rewarding x

  3. Kelloggsville

    My husband is Australian so I have a lot of ‘cup’ recipes. I find them hard too. That chocolate cake made me think of Aladdin. I’ve no idea why!

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