The Gallery – Happy

Happy – What a great theme for this weeks Gallery post and once again it’s very apt for me.


It’s been a very happy week in our house due to the visit of my sister and family from England, we’ve all had a wonderful time showing them around and introducing them to our life here in Canada. I love the buzz of a full house and have missed it since we emigrated, mealtimes have been manic, the place is a noisy mess and quite frankly I couldn’t care less!

We’ve enjoyed day trips taking them to downtown Toronto, Niagara Falls, crossed over into the States, attended a Lacrosse game, visited with an old family friend and managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the zoo so my niece and nephew could see the Polar and Grizzly bears.


My boys have enjoyed spending time with their cousins


The week has been crazy busy and we have some wonderful memories of a very happy time together, so although today will be a sad day as they return home to England I’m concentrating on how fortunate I am to have been able to spend this time together and look forward to them returning in the future.



14 thoughts on “The Gallery – Happy

  1. Alvina

    I have a happy outdoors weekend, like you, but also just come back from visiting my son who is at ‘grad school’ in New York – and so an ex-pat too.

    Enjoyed browsing around.

  2. Zhu

    Having guests (especially family!) and showing them around is a real treat for expats (and the lucky guests!). Enjoy!

  3. A Patchwork Life

    Sounds like a wonderful week and a busy, fun-packed visit. Love it too when the house is buzzing with people, and find we do so much more when family come to stay. My youngest sister has just moved to Australia – it makes me feel sad thinking about it, but I know the times we’ll have together here or in Oz will be special x

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