The Gallery – Easter

I can guarantee, with no shadow of a doubt, that I will be the only person in this week’s gallery that will be posting a picture of a raccoon for this weeks Easter theme!  Allow me to explain…


Unlike many of you we don’t have school holidays this time of year, even Easter monday is a normal business day here (so no pictures of day trips or family outings to share) but luckily Mother Nature did smile on us for a very welcome long weekend.  In fact it was our warmest this year by far  so we spent as much as possible outside and I spent it chasing this particularly bold, supposedly nocturnal , cheeky little blighter off my bird feeder!


“Is she still there?”

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with our neighbourhood raccoons, whilst they are extremely clever, devious but really quite cute looking with their bandit style markings they are also a pest, spread diseases and can be pretty vicious so I try not to encourage them into the garden and this is usually accomplished by taking the feeder in at night but this brazen beast decided to blitz attack my stash of sunflower seeds in broad daylight again and again and again!

All weekend it was me versus raccoon and guess who won? 😀



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10 thoughts on “The Gallery – Easter

  1. kelloggsville

    he may be the only raccoon but you didn’t manage to get a pair of bunny ears on him!! LOL only joking, brilliant out of the box post. I would actually enjoy hearing more about this battle of the wits as it progresses!

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