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Tara at Sticky Fingers has given us ‘Drink’ for this weeks Gallery Theme.  Anyone who knows me would expect me to post a picture of an icy cold glass of Pinot Grigio but I decided not to be predictable!

I love the first cup of tea in the morning when the house is quiet, I like to take ten minutes with a cuppa to wake up properly and think through my day before the mad rush to get out of the door starts.

But the best cup of tea is first thing in the morning while we’re camping when  the sun is still low in the sky and the birds are singing while the rest of the campground is still and quiet.  The crackle of the campfire from under the kettle is the only other sound as I sit in my deck chair and enjoy the fresh air and the peace and quiet around me…perfection


18 thoughts on “The Gallery – Drink

  1. Holly Nelson

    Every morning before my partner goes to work we sit and have a cup of tea on the balcony and listen to the birds getting ready for the day and watch the little black squirrels bustling around. We talk about what we have to do for the day and discuss what we might want for dinner that night and any other multitude of inane chat. That first cup of tea is one of our most sacred times and sets us up perfectly for the rest of the day!

  2. Franglaise Mummy

    I hear so much about how amazing a cup of tea or coffee is, but I don’t like the taste of either and really feel like I’m missing out. I do try and make up for it by drinking wine though 😉

  3. Molly

    This post has made me want a cuppa so much! I cannot currently have one whilst camping so I’ll go and sit in the garden with my thermos!

    ♡ Molly

  4. Molly

    For me it is coffee… always coffee but the sentiment is the same, that first cup of the day is bliss


  5. Suzanne

    Nothing like a cup of tea to assist with the feeling of calm is there? The morning one is definitely the best. Can’t function without it!

  6. Mum

    Coming a close second to that is a cup of coffee (in my case) BEFORE you get up, because it means (I hope) a leisurely day ahead.

  7. A Patchwork Life

    Love an outdoors tea too, and do enjoy a cuppa during the early morning peace and quiet – though rarely happens, because the kids always seem to get downstairs before me!

  8. Zhu

    I used to be a tea person (and I still am) but I suddenly developed a taste for coffee after the pregnancy. Weird, eh?

  9. Mother Goutte

    I coudln’t agree more, the first cup of tea in the morning while camping is just the best! There is something very romantic about making tea outside. I think there was an old episode of the Avengers where Steed made a cup of tea out of his vintage car’s boot, so stylish!

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