The Gallery – Dads

The Gallery – Dads


Husband at the Lake

It seems only fitting after posting about the amazing women in my life last week, this weeks Gallery is dedicated to Dads which gives me the opportunity to do the same for the awesome men in my life. My Husband, Dad and Grandad.

My Dad, Eldest Son and my Grandad on the boat

Growing up I was quite a tomboy, as a result I spend lots of time with my Dad and Grandad.  We visited boat shows and air shows together and went sailing during the weekend and school holidays and most of my most treasured memories of growing up were of the three of us together.  Sailing all day until our faces were red with sunburn and evenings in the yacht club with my grandad holding court telling stories to all our friends that were so outrageous we would laugh until our sides ached.


My Dad with Eldest Son

So my husband had quite a high standard to live up to when we met, I already had two wonderful men in my life that I love with all my heart and to be honest he had to get their approval and luckily for me he did!

I am quite smug in the knowledge that my sons are going to be the most wonderful fathers because they have such great role models.  They have an amazing Dad, an awesome grandad and wonderful great grandad to show then what being a Dad is all about.

Husband with youngest Son

So this is my opportunity to say Thank you to the three of them for being the men they are; clever, hard working, family oriented.  Thank you for being such amazing positive role models for my boys. I love you all xx

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