The Gallery – Christmas Tree

Tara has asked us to share our Christmas Trees this week in The Gallery.

Here’s mine pictured at night, which is how I like it best, with the glow of it lighting up the room.



Unfortunately I don’t have any old ornaments and I can’t say I’ve been collecting them for years because, like everything else, we had to start afresh when we emigrated as importing Christmas decorations is always a red flag to customs (they are looking for pine beetles in pine cones apparently ) so we decided not to bother.


The exception to this is two little Santa bells that my Mum bought for my boys years ago.


And this year, courtesy of my lovely sister, my tree is adorned with much coveted Cadbury Chocolate decorations.  These are unavailable here in Canada and she sent me some earlier this week! Thanks Sis xx




The Gallery

16 thoughts on “The Gallery – Christmas Tree

  1. Charly Dove

    Wow I love your tree Lou, it looks fabulous. Such pretty colours and how lovely to have some chocolate from the UK too. Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas xxx

  2. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Gorgeous Lou! It’s funny starting again isn’t it, but one good (!) thing is that everything matches, for awhile anyway! Lucky you with the Cadburys, although hubby’s brothers just sent us a food parcel too, and there was chocolate!

  3. Dean

    Hmm, chocolates! We haven’t had the chance to decorate our tree with chocolates yet… though I think we might skip it this year or else my 3-year-old will most probably eat them all before Christmas.. not to mention the husband! 🙂 Love your Christmas tree.

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