The Gallery – Back to School

Back to school means changes are afoot this week, as usual with an expat lifestyle you never have the chance to get stuck in a rut before things take another turn.

Youngest son heading off for school alone
















Youngest son had a lesson in independence yesterday when he got his first door key and took the bus to school for the first time. He was nervous but faced this new experience like a true expat child with courage, bravery and a β€˜go for it’ attitude.

Eldest Son had his first day at college yesterday and came back positively buzzing with excitement. He is finally on his way to achieving the career he has longed for since he was a small child.

So to us back to school is not so much ‘back to the old routine’ and more like new beginnings.

14 thoughts on “The Gallery – Back to School

  1. Paula

    Happy to hear that your eldest son enjoyed his first day at college and that he is very excited about the future. Big step for your youngest son. I imagine Mom was a little nervous and excited for him too and was looking forward to hearing from him as soon as he arrived home πŸ™‚

  2. Glenda Gee

    Glad the oldest children are facing new college and bus journeys etc. with courage. No good having a wish bone where back bone ought to be, is it? Sounds like you’re doing a great job.

  3. MummaG

    Wonderful photo and post, it’s lovely when they start to have that independence, it’s like the walk just that little bit taller πŸ™‚

  4. Mum

    Oh my how quick did that independence come along? Good to hear both boys are feeling OK about the new term ( or whatever its called Canada) makes me feel old now! My No4 grandchild started ‘big school’ in the UK and just so proud he has his own Oyster Card! [= free travel for students in London] and looking so grown up in school uniform. How can I have 4 ‘grown up’ grandchildren when I am still 35 in my head! makes me feel sad but so proud!

  5. Mama and More aka Zaz

    another new chapter for you all! It must have given you such butterflies to send your youngest boy off alone too! Good luck – we start “big school” next week, with a mix of excitement and apprehension (on my side), and looking forward to the new (on hers).

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