The Gallery – Adventure

Tara’s theme of adventure for this weeks Gallery has been quite a dilemma, you see we’re quite an adventurous lot 😀

I have shared many pictures before of us on our adventures,  off-roading in the Sahara Desert, snowmobiling in the Rocky Mountains,  our first portage in the canoe, exploring the Pyramids in Egypt.  So what to post for this weeks theme…

As we’re still in the final throws of winter my thoughts are frequently straying to the not too distant future when the warmer weather finally arrives and we can at last pack the tent in the truck, pop the canoe on the roof rack and head off to discover somewhere new.  It honestly cannot come soon enough,



 So these pictures from last years adventures will have to do while I dream of all the new ones yet to come 😀


Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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