The First Snowfall

The First Snowfall


I am not going to do the obvious subject for this post, basically because I can’t.  The horrific events of last Friday in Connecticut have already caused me three very disturbed nights sleep.  As a volunteer in a school I spend a fair amount of my time giving one to one attention to little ones. Unfortunately I have not been given training of the lockdown procedure that is practiced in schools here even though I spend so much time there a teacher recently commented that “I’ll be getting a bedroom there soon”.  My worries about how I would react in such an unthinkable situation is giving me nightmares.  I hope more than anything that I will never be in such a horrendous situation but if that should ever happen I hope more than anything that I will have the bravery to not panic and to protect the kids entrusted to me with my life.


On a lighter note, the mood in school has been pretty crazy lately as the kids await our first big snowfall of the season.  We’ve had ‘flurries’ on and off but despite being constantly forecast nothing significant has happened yet.  I have to say it really surprises me that the kids get so excited buy the prospect of a big snowfall.  I mean it’s not like it’s not going to snow is it?  Here in Canada it IS going to snow the only question is when will it start and how much we will get.   In the UK you may go several consecutive winters without any snow at all and when any amount of snow falls no matter how insignificant it means snow days, schools are closed the kids get a day off, the excitement from children is understandable. Here, however, a huge snowfall means little.  Life continues as normal, roads are cleared (main roads, side roads, all of them!) public transit runs and schools are open. It’s ‘business as usual’.  In fact the kids still go outside a recess if the temperature is above -15oC. This country is making men out of my boys!


I wonder if the excitement at the snow is just a manifestation of Canadians enthusiasm for just about everything. I think it’s fair to say us Brits do love to moan; we especially love to complain about the weather.  That doesn’t happen here, people may remark, “I don’t really like the winter” but that’s it, it’s not a moan simply a statement but the majority of people love all the seasons, they look forward to the next one while still enjoying the current one.  It still baffles me that the kids here stare longingly out of the winter at the sight of the first few flakes. Maybe is just because kids love snow regardless of where they live.

8 thoughts on “The First Snowfall

  1. Jill

    I feel so sorry for those parents who lost their children . It’s such a sad sad event 🙁
    Yes I agree we Brits love to moan about the weather lol. We had a wee bit of snow a couple of weeks ago. The whole country was in chaos lol. Must say I love winter and snows ok if I don’t have to go out lol.xx

    1. Lou Post author

      I agree Jill, the snow’s always so much nicer when you’re looking at it through a window with a nice cuppa x

  2. Mama Syder

    Oh Lou, those shootings are so heartbreaking, I just cant imagine the horror and pain those families are going through right now. These things are so rare, so you are more likely to get run over by a bus! So try not to worry xxx

    We are praying for a white Christmas, unlikely but it would be so fab! xxx

    1. Lou Post author

      I know, just too awful to think about. just being a drama queen I think!

      Same here with the snow, yesterday they said the storm that is coming tomorrow will give us snow and today they say rain, we’re really hoping for a white Christmas too!

  3. Zhu

    From my experience, Canadians do get excited about the first snow and pretty much any snowfall BEFORE Xmas. After that, we will all be bitching about the weather.

    Ice rain gets everyone in a bad mood too.

  4. Mum

    You are right Lou just so very very sad, as was said at one of the funerals, there are no survivors. Speak to the school re their lockdown procedures, but remember it is a very rare occurence, however, never too late to know what’s what.
    There is something magical about the first snowfall, even now when it is overnight and you open the curtains, its just so pretty, but has been so silent.
    We’re all children …for a while, till it gets difficult to get around and turns all grey and slushy! Applicable only in the UK of course.

    1. Lou Post author

      I’ve decided I’m going to put in on the agenda at the next SCC meeting, I think everyone should know what to do in an emergency whether they are paid staff or not.

      Wish it would just hurry up and snow and maybe all the kids will calm down a bit.

      I definitely don’t miss that grey slush, Yuck!

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