The Expat Experience – Feeling at Home.

Feeling at home isn’t an easy task when you move countries and it’s difficult to balance your new and old lives.  When everything single thing in your life changes I think it is important to have some familiar things to help with the transition, whether it is familiar possessions or a familiar routine.  There is a fine balance between wanting to keep some things normal without replicating your old life and wanting to embrace your new surroundings without losing your identity completely.

Culture shock is something many expats experience and although it can manifest itself in many ways it is often a feeling of being completely overwhelmed by your unfamiliar surroundings, which results in feelings of extreme tiredness and anxiety.  Making our home a haven and surrounding ourselves with familiar things was my way to help us feel at home.  I allowed myself two boxes in the container for things I wanted to bring with us rather than things we needed to bring with us such as my collection of candleholders. None of them were particularly valuable in a monetary sense but many of them were gifts and I love them this one is my favourite, bought for me by my dear friend E.


It was amazing how our house began to feel like a home the minute our container arrived and we began to hang our pictures and put our ‘things’ around the house.



My favourite photo on the wall in my dining room

So here are my top three suggestions to help you feel at home.

1. Routine – There are certain parts of our daily routine that I continued when we moved that helped to give our new lives a sense of normalcy.  For example, we try as much as possible to have dinner together every night, I do my housework on a Friday so the house is clean for the weekend and I drove the kids to school. Although change is often a good thing it is comforting to everyone involved especially young children when you keep a few things the same.

2. When you plan for your move allow some space for your favourite possessions to put about your new home.  Outside the home everything you hear, see, smell and taste will be different to what you are used to so a few familiar things in your home gives you familiar place to retreat to.

3.  Remember your other senses too and enjoy familiar food, sounds and smells.  I like to burn vanilla candles and always have so that fragrance makes me feel at home.


Those that don’t embrace and accept their new culture and surroundings will ultimately never feel truly at home in their new country.  A few creature comforts will help in the meantime, like a meal made to the same recipe, or a old blanket to curl up in but at the end of the day only time will make you feel completely at home.


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5 thoughts on “The Expat Experience – Feeling at Home.

  1. Jill

    I think they will be excellent tips for anyone Lou . Nothing makes a new place feel like home than some personal things xxxx

  2. Irene @ Away from Tenerife

    Great post, Lou! It’s amazing how such small details can instantly transform a hous into a home. When I moved last summer out of he Netherlands I took with me the miniature golden Christmas tree I had bought for the holiday season and some recipe magazines I had collected from the supermarket.mlike you said, I didn’t need them but I wanted them and I’m happy I have those small things with me to remind me of my happy times there 🙂

  3. Jade

    Great post & your tips are so important, especially settling into a routine. God knows being able to get up and go to work within a week of me arriving in London helped immensely with getting to know my new home town!

  4. Arni

    I like your wall sconce candle holder very much. Great tips by the way. I didn’t realize it until now how absolutely true what routine does in making an easier transition and adjustment in a new place. Have a lovely weekend.

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