The Canadian Race

The Canadian race is an eclectic mix there are natives of course but the rest of the population is made up from a huge variety of races, creeds and colours from all four corners the world, however, there are a few character traits that I think span all backgrounds.

Canadians are Happy – I am yet to find that scowl that is ingrained on the face of most Londoners.  Even in the cities people look happy or at the very least contented with their lot in life.  They rarely complain or moan about life in general, they accept what they have and where they are.

Canadians aren’t Americans and vise versa – Like the Australian and New Zealand thing each country has it’s own identity and they get very upset if you mix up the two.  They share a land mass and a border and that’s pretty much all, culturally they are very different.


Canadians love their coffee shops – Driving, walking, shopping no matter what they are doing no self respecting Canadian would be doing it without a coffee.  It is not an unusual sight to see someone grocery shopping with a coffee in one hand pushing the trolley with the other.  They are obsessed with ‘grabbing a coffee’ from their Canadian owned coffee shops; Tim Hortons, Second cup and Timothy’s.  Starbucks is almost a dirty word!

Canadians love education – 51% of the population over 18 have some kind of post secondary education, 25% have university degrees and Canada has the highest rate of college completion among its peer countries.

Canadians love British people and the Monarchy – the fuss over the Royal wedding last year was crazy and the subsequent Baby news this week has the media in a frenzy. One hint of your accent leads to questions like “Are you excited about the royal baby” Urm…sure.  In contrast to this the general knowledge of the Monarchy of is pretty dismal, in fact I couldn’t help but correct people on twitter during the Jubilee celebrations when they wrongly identified members of the royal family and made the most ridiculous comments.  One of these people was a writer for a TV news station who really ought to know better!  A large number of Canadians are from British descent so that have a connection with the UK, they enjoying sharing their family history with expats.


Canadians are family orientated – we even have a holiday Monday in February called Family Day.  Canadians lives revolve around their family and because large amounts of the population are immigrants they have surrogate families, usually other expats, that they form family ties with.  9 months of the year have at least one long weekend where Canadians get together with their families.

Canadians are confident – Children in school as young as 5 present book reports or do ‘show and tell’ in front of their peers.  By the time they leave high school at 18, presenting ideas to a group of people is second nature and I’m sure this leads to a real sense of confidence that is sadly lacking elsewhere.

Canadians are enthusiastic – ‘That’s Fantastic’ is a phrase you will always hear regardless of the topic of conversation.  Canadians have genuine enthusiasm for everything. I suppose it comes from their own happiness and confidence so if someone tells them about a dream or ambition the response it always positive.


Canadians love the great outdoors – and what a great outdoors it is too! They have an outdoor sport for every season and every location.  Going off to the cottage for the weekend in the summer to enjoy swimming and canoeing on the lake is a national pastime as is ice hockey and skiing in the winter, you will never hear a Canadian say they can’t do what they want because of the weather they just change their clothing.

And Finally…

Canadian are fiercely patriotic – and rightly so in my opinion, in fact they could teach the rest of the world a thing or two about patriotism.  Canadian flags are everywhere outside shops, on clothing and food packaging.  They have the word Canada or Canadian in the names of their shops, businesses and their produce, even beer! They make students stand to attention every morning in school and listen to the national anthem.  Canadians love their country, they love to buy Canadian made products and are proud of their country’s natural resources.  When Canadians travel they cover their luggage in the maple leaf and wear Canada sweaters, they are a living breathing endorsement for their country.

11 thoughts on “The Canadian Race

  1. Jill

    I think Canada sounds a fab place. I have a pen friend from there and all the things you mention are true. I never knew tim Horton was a coffee shop now I do lol lol . Sounds a great place and I think a visit to that coffee shop is a must lol

  2. Kirsty Sims

    Love the blogs Lou! Sounds like my kinda place! Especially love the ‘coffee’ culture! Lots of love xxx xxx

  3. Mum

    Yo! Tim Hortons bring it to the UK asap . Appeals to all age groups, lotsa wrinklies meet up in Tom Hortons, coffee to die for and the doughnuts…..well!

    1. Lou Post author

      I don’t think I’ve ever been in a Tim’s where there wasn’t a group of wrinklies ‘hanging out’, I love that!

  4. Mummigrants

    I loved reading this while eating my breakfast 🙂
    It certainly gave me food for thought! My grandad was Canadian and he died when I was 10 but I feel I know a little bit more about him now! Thanks Lou mummi g x

  5. Zhu

    That’s a great snapshot of the psyche of the country!

    Like you, I was surprised to see how patriotic Canadians were, in a god kind of way. In France, those waving the flag are often right-wing extremists. Kind of sad they “stole” that symbol.

    I also like the natural cheerfulness of Canadians, they don’t complain as much as Europeans–they act and hope for the best!

    1. Lou Post author

      Thank you. It is sad, and it’s the same in the UK, that the flag is often used negatively.

      It’s nice to be in such a cheerful country, I think the amount of sunshine we get helps with that too, hard to be grumpy when there’s not a cloud in the sky.

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