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Niagara on the Lake Candlelight Stroll 2013


The historic town of Niagara on the Lake holds it’s annual Candlelight stroll on the first Friday in December every year.  I first heard about the event about 10 years ago but only this year did we finally manage to attend.


Locals and visitors congregate by the Clock tower at 6pm bundled up against the usually frigid temperatures where they purchase candles (the proceeds of which go to a charity or worthy cause) and sing along to festive songs and carols.  A couple of the Niagara on the Lake horse and carriages lead the way through the streets where a variety of performers entertain the crowds along the route.  This year the performers included various choirs, a bell choir made up of an amazing group of young girls, a bagpiper and ends with a very talented male acappella group called A Cappella Niagara.  Who were not only fabulous singers but also extremely funny and had the crowd chuckling at their humorous number.


Many of the homes along the route are decorated for the festive season and the Romance Collection Gallery, showcase for local artist Trisha Romance, has an almost life size nativity scene in the front.

photo 4

All this creates a fabulous festive atmosphere and was every bit as lovely as I hoped it would be, it is a great way to kick off the Christmas season.

photo 3


I am so pleased that we finally got to go to this magical event and next years date is already marked on the Calendar!


If you are ever in the Niagara area in the beginning of December I highly recommend you go and check out this wonderful family evening.


Make sure you arrive in plenty of time, many streets are closed to traffic and parking so you may have to park quite far away and walk in.

Dress appropriately, comfy shoes and winter coats, hats and gloves are essential, it’s usually a couple of degrees cooler by the lake.

Bring some money, most shops in the town remain open late and offer unusual and unique gifts.  A perfect opportunity to finish off your holiday shopping!



My Favourite Things to do in Niagara

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the Niagara region over the last few years and after a recent comment on my blog I realised many visitors don’t know how much there is to do in this little corner of Ontario. Here are some of the things my family and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing.

Niagara Falls

The waterfalls themselves are spectacular.  One fifth of the world’s supply of fresh water comes over Niagara Falls, how mind blowing is that statistic?  Stand by it for a few minutes and you understand it completely as over 2 million litres per second charges passed you.  To view the falls themselves is free of charge and it’s amazing to see in almost any weather, clear blue days often give brilliant rainbows in the spray and during the winter the river and area around the falls freezes, giving a breath-taking wintery scene.

Jet Boat

Strictly a fair weather activity the Whirlpool Jet Boat tour leaves from Niagara-On-The-Lake and travels up the Niagara River to the point where the river makes a 90 degree turn resulting in the whirlpools.  It is a truly thrilling ride.  You will get wet and most likely you will scream! I know I did! 😀

The Jet boat on a gentle ride up the river

The Jet boat in the rapids, Me, hubbie and sons getting soaked on the back row










Unrivaled views of the area are gained by a Helicopter tour over the falls.  This is quite an expensive attraction but the experience is truly memorable.

Taking Off!

The Horseshoe Falls from above









Vineyard Tour

There are approximately 180 vineyards in and around the Niagara Region, many of them make award winning wines.  Chateaux des Charmes was my favourite and probably because it is a family run business like my business was.  Situated in a beautiful part of the Niagara peninsula they produce on average 900,000 bottles of delicious wine per year.  Their tours take visitors through the vineyards all the way to the bottling room with a few tastings afterwards.  Inexpensive and includes a money off coupon to spend in the store.








Fort George

A destination for the history buff where you can learn all about he 1812 war, the involvement of the British, Americans and Canadians and it’s effects on the Canada we know and love today.  An interesting, educational and inexpensive attraction

Musket Demonstration

British Canon pointing at the Americans









The Town of Niagara On the Lake

Originally burnt down at the end of the 1812 war and rebuilt in the regency style Niagara-On-The Lake is one of the few old towns in Canada.  Formerly the Nations Capital, the town it is now one of the main tourist attractions of the country. Free of charge.








Maid of the Mist

North America’s oldest tourist attraction first opened in 1846, The Maid of the Mist takes its passengers right into the basin of the Horseshoe Falls as thousands of litres of water drop from over 50 metres above you.  A mid price attraction but worth the cost, bare in mind you will need the ponchos they provide because you will get wet.  The Maid of the Mist runs in the summer months when the river is free of ice.








Whirlpool Aero Car

Originally opened in 1916 the whirlpool aero car travels across the Niagara Gorge and back.  It gives an aerial view of the whirlpools that you experience in the Jet Boat Tour. Inexpensive but only lasts about 20 minutes.

Niagara Parkway

The Niagara Parkway is a pretty drive along the Niagara River, I like to take it from the Falls to Niagara-On-The-Lake.  It follows the course of the river and passes the Whirlpool Rapids and the Brock Monument (another must see for history buffs). Free of charge.

Marine Land

The Marine Land theme park has a couple of rides but the main attractions, as the name suggests, are the Dolphins, Killer Whales and Beluga Whales. The admission cost is inline with other theme parks.


Clifton Hill

Clifton Hill is the part of the town of Niagara Falls that is often deemed as tacky.  Amusement arcades and flashing lights give it a mini Las Vegas feel, having said that I spent a great night in the Boston Pizza which also houses an arcade and bowling alley that kept the kids amused while the ‘grown ups’ enjoyed the food and sampled the local beverages ;-).  Next to the Boston Pizza is the Niagara sky wheel that is an inexpensive ride that gives fabulous aerial views of both the Canadian Horseshoe and American Falls.

View from the Sky Wheel in April