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The Gallery – Two

Tara at Sticky Fingers has set us the theme of two for this weeks gallery post.

I was a bit undecided on which photo to use, maybe one of my two sons or something to represent our two years in Canada…hmmm

Then while I was out for a bike ride on Tuesday morning I stopped to catch my breath and admire the view. This was what I saw as I looked out along the shoreline, two Canada geese swimming in the lake.

The day was just glorious not a cloud in the sky, the lake was as calm as a mill pond and it was not too hot for my long ride.  In fact I rode for over  two hours until my legs ached and my backside was saddlesore. I watched a family of geese and was buzzed by swallows. Not a bad way to spend tuesday morning . 😀

The Gallery – The Weekend

This week Tara gave us a much kinder Gallery theme than last week – This week our prompt is The Weekend


This is where I spent the majority of last weekend as the temperature finally rose into the 20’s.  In fact this is where I will spend the majority of my time over the weekends until mid October.  My multifunctional deck which during the summer months transforms into my dining room, kitchen, lounge and office.

Since our move to Canada our weekends have become much less valuable.  When hubbie and I were running our own business in the UK we had a need to escape the house, and my office, during the weekend in order to relax and get away from it all but now that our whole life is calmer we are perfectly content to spend our weekends at home.

So Saturday and Sunday finds me here on the deck, writing, skyping my family in England or simply sitting in the sunshine watching the birds on the feeder or the squirrels chasing each other through the trees.  Fortunately my husband made a very good choice when he chose our house as we back on to tall trees and a river so we get a vast array of birds and animals in the garden.  The river is a haven for wildlife and my deck gives me a great vantage point to observe it from and if you sit quietly enough you get to glimpse a sight like this:


If I’m not chilling on the deck I’m walking by the lake soaking up the sun and getting some exercise or better still sitting on the beach listening to the waves.

More Lake Views

I didn’t intend to do another photo blog quite so soon after the last one but I really wanted to share the photos I’ve just taken down by the lake.  After yesterdays ‘major winter storm’ which dumped a tonne of snow on us the temptation to get out there this morning to take some pics was just too much to resist.  It took a bit of effort as the snow was so deep and my short legs struggled a bit but funnily enough it was my long legged husband that ended up taking a tumble!

     I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I did! Mainly from relief that it wasn’t me for a change 🙂

The sky is just so blue today