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Magic Moments – Growing Up

I had a little break from Magic Moments last week to enjoy the Canada Day long weekend and Hubbies 41st Birthday and now I’m back and full of enthusiasm for my blog.

Now I’m not entirely sure this post meets the criteria of a magic moment but I’m going to treat it as one as the alternative is to drown myself in a bottle or two of Pinot Grigio and for a monday morning that is not entirely appropriate!

My Magic moment is the realisation that my babies are not, in fact babies anymore and they have both grown into fantastic young men.  This humongous bombshell hit me while painting youngest sons bedroom on Wednesday.  Long gone are the days of Thomas the Tank Engine bedding, countless teddies, soft animals and pastel colours.  My almost teen wanted a very grown up décor.

Youngest Son enjoying his cool new room

So instead of focusing on the negatives I’m going to focus on the positives and congratulate myself on raising one child to adulthood and the other to a teen without major mishaps and with (almost) all my faculties in tact, although there are a few grey hairs now!

The Boys, 2001

The Boys, 2013