Snapping Turtle Spotting

It seems that many of my Magic Moments posts are animal related whether it’s moose, turtles, coyotes or beaver but I suppose that is all part of emigrating to a different continent.  Animals that you would normally view in the zoo suddenly become part of everyday life and can be spotted wandering around your neighbourhood. This weeks Magic moment post is no different

Who’s observing who…?

Crush and Bubbles our 4 year old Tortoises

We have a bit of an affinity with our shelled friends in this house.  Both the boys have pet Hermann Tortoises which we went to an awful lot of hassle and expense to bring from England to Canada with us when we moved.


So we were very excited on our recent camping trip to spot not only these very pretty Painted Turtles basking in the sun

but also this very friendly Snapping Turtle who appeared to be living under the dock on the lake.

Whenever we walked out onto the dock he would pop up to take a look at us.

He didn’t mind posing for an underwater shot either!

They really do look prehistoric don’t they?

7 thoughts on “Snapping Turtle Spotting

  1. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

    Fabulous 🙂 I love turtles. We’ve been amazed by what we’ve come across when out and about, apart from the chipmunks and rabbits in our back garden, we’ve seen snakes and terrapins too 🙂

    1. Lou Post author

      Youngest son has an indestructible Panasonic camera that is also waterproof, it’s great for taking around with us when a ‘normal’ camera would be too delicate!

  2. Jane

    It must be great seeing wildlife like that in its natural setting. Just moving deeper into essex do we see more than we ever did but nothing like that. I can imagine what a change in country would do ;0)

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