Reasons to be Cheerful


I’ve always read my sister-in-laws ‘reasons to be cheerful’ posts and it has always struck me as a fabulous idea. What better way to give yourself a reality check than to list 3 things that you are happy about, especially when you’re not feeling particularly cheerful.

So this week I thought it was high time I joined in (albeit a bit late).  To be honest the beginning of the week did not look good.  Eldest sons’ procrastinating was driving me nuts (neither of my boys share my need for organisation and I find it so frustrating).  I was stressing about his future as he was taking too long submitting his portfolios for his college applications.  The first one was taken care of but the rest were taking him forever as he’s such a perfectionist.

It also would have been my Mother-in-laws 63rd birthday this week, we lost her to cancer in 2006.  We all miss her terribly and especially on her birthday .

Luckily the week turned out to be much better than I thought it would and I ended up with lots of reasons to be cheerful, here is my top 3:

1. Blogging

I’ve been approached by a couple of different websites with interesting opportunities for sharing my immigration story.  I didn’t really have any expectations about my writing when I started blogging I wasn’t sure if I would be good at it so I feel really flattered that people want to read what I have written and are happy to share it on their websites.

2. It’s only 5 weeks until my sister visits.

I can’t tell you how excited we are about having my sister, brother-in-law, niece and nephew come to stay.  We haven’t seen them since we left England 20 months ago and I can’t wait to have them here. It was a last minute booking and they will only be here for 10 days but I’m so excited about showing them around and sharing our new lives with them.


3. Eldest Son was accepted into the college course of his dreams.

As it turns out I didn’t need to be stressing because he got accepted into his first choice.  I was confident he had the talent to get in but with 400 other applications and only 28 places the odds weren’t in his favour.  Thankfully they loved his work and I’m so pleased for him.


It just goes to show that even when things are looking a bit gloomy you never know what is around the corner to brighten your day.




3 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. Mama Syder

    Congratulations on being approached to write your story Lou, that is fabulous! Well Done to ‘Eldest Son’, clever lad! And your Sis is sooooo gonna love Canada, Hope you have a great time xxx


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