Reasons to be Cheerful #4

Spring officially started this week yet as I sit here typing there is the light pitter-patter sound of snow hitting the window and a low hum emits from the ducts as the heating has comes back on. It’s been a long winter and unfortunately it is not over just yet, finding reasons to be cheerful this week has not been easy.


1. Sunday was the most beautiful day.

OK truth be told it looked beautiful when viewed from behind glass, brilliant blue sky as far as the eye could see without the slightest hint of the -10C wind chill that was present. I decided to pop down to the lake for some fresh air and to enjoy the sun but ended up going alone as I couldn’t convince any of my men folk to join me (in hindsight I don’t really blame them).  I wrapped up in several layers of woolies, plugged in the Ipod and with Stephen Fry reading an audio book in my ear I set off to enjoy my walk.  It was lovely to see the sheer amount of people out doing the same but seeing as everyone was wrapped up so tight that the only exposed facial feature was our noses, the opportunity for social interaction was severely hampered.  I did manage to get some lovely photos though.












24 hours later and a ‘Texas low’ mixes with a ‘system from the Prairies’ to cause high winds and more snowfall.  This is what Monday looked like.  Oh well!






2. It was my 19th Wedding Anniversary this week, (I was a child bride ;)  ) I won’t bore you with the details again because I wrote about it here.



3. I had a lovely girlie lunch today with my expat friend V and her Mum.  My family and I moved into the house next door to them back in Blighty when I was 7 and she was a newborn baby.  It just so happens that 32 years later we both live in Toronto.  The visit from her mum was a last minute decision, so the phone call to meet them for lunch was a lovely surprise.  We had a great couple of hours together chatting about all things English, you know moaning about the weather and the price of food.  It was nice to spend an afternoon with people that really know me, we laughed about things, caught up on family news and reminisced about old times, perfect!


So what are your reason to be cheerful this week?



6 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful #4

  1. Zhu

    I had a good birthday, I am thankful for that! It was a bit sunnier this week too and the days are getting longer. I wish it was warmer though! This winter is endless.

  2. Mama Syder

    Great reasons Lou. Lovely photos. We have heavy snow here in the UK at the mo, its really frustrating cos I want to plant my spuds! Hope your weather warms up soon xxx

  3. MsXpat

    What lovely sky pics, i love to see blue skies the ole blighty grey is a bit too much sometimes. IF you dont mind the phrase you look pretty as a peach in your wedding pic


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