Reasons to be Cheerful #37 – After the Ice Storm

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Happy Boxing Day dear readers, I hope you are all having a lovely festive season.

There are many things I am cheerful about and grateful for this week but my most important reason to be cheerful is that we have electricity!

Following a massive ice storm that hit southern Ontario on Saturday night we spent 36 hours with no electricity in sub zero temperatures.  With nothing but a log fire in the family room the inside of the house quickly dropped to below 10C.  To say it was uncomfortable is quite an understatement but what it did was make me realize how much I really appreciate heat, lights, and the ability to put a hot meal on the table every day for my family.  We are, in fact, amongst the lucky ones as many are still in the dark today and a frigid festive season with no heat would have been truly miserable.  The electricity supply is still a bit temperamental as ice-laden trees continue to take out power lines and as the snow continues to fall the likelihood of power cuts increases but for the most part we are warm and safe.

So in the true spirit of reasons to be cheerful I have been reflecting on the positives instead of the negatives:

Even with no electricity or heat at times, we still have a roof over our heads.

I might be under the weather right now but I have blankets to keep me warm and medication to take the edge off it.

We got through the storm relatively unscathed (OK my temper may have been a little frayed 30 hours in, but it was nothing an extra log on the fire and a hot cuppa couldn’t fix!)

And in true Canadian style, extreme weather always provides fabulous photo opportunities. Here a selection of my icy pics this week.









5 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful #37 – After the Ice Storm

  1. Jo Henley

    Oh my goodness! You hoped much better than I would’ve!

    Although this pictures are stunning! Well done for finding positives and I hope you have no more power problems xx

  2. Looking for Blue Sky

    Everyone in Ireland laughed at all the extreme measures I put in place when an electricity strike was threatened here – but until we lose power, we forget just how dependent we are on it – especially when you have a disabled child! Glad you got it back for Christmas and thanks for sharing the lovely photos x

  3. Holly Nelson

    Yikes – we lost our electric too, ten mins before I was due out of the house to come back home! Then taking off during the ice storm was crazy, the plane had to be sprayed with a chemical to prevent it from freezing up!


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