Reasons to be cheerful #35

Thankfully I’m not as grumpy as I was last week and that is due to a few reasons:

Our weekend away was lovely.

I really enjoyed the Candlelight stroll and it turned out to be every bit as festive as I’d hoped.  A change of scene was exactly what I needed.



Most of the Christmas prep is done.

The decorations and tree are up, pressies are wrapped under the tree or posted and on their way to England, Christmas cards have been written and sent, with a fortnight to go I’m pretty pleased about that!


The possibility of a white Christmas is increasing.

The term ‘too cold to snow’ has been appropriate this week, with wind chill around the -15C mark it has been absolutely freezing! Below seasonal temperatures are forecast long term meaning there is little chance it rising above zero for the foreseeable future, the snow due at the weekend and next week should stick around to give us a lovely wintery landscape for the festive season.


Everything is frozen solid right now!

The calendar is full.

I have got so much to look forward to! A family trip to the movies to see The Hobbit at the weekend, a party, dinner invites and we’re planning to visit some new places.  Lots to do = Happy Lou! :-D

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7 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful #35

  1. kateonthinice

    Somehow I have to see the Hobbit as love the book
    Your photos remain amazing and perspective giving.
    Pleased you lost the grumps. I am in one this week so hope to see it pass as quickly as yours did

  2. Nicola Robson

    Good busy does bring a cheer to the heart, doesn’t it? Well done getting all the Cards written and sent. It was always one of the most difficult things for me as an Expat – I always seemed to miss the post deadline (which was about four weeks from the Falklands!) That icy picture is stunning, but makes me very glad of our woodstove to stop me feeling a chill all the way over here.


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