Reasons to be Cheerful #3

There are a few reasons to be cheerful this week  (I have to say I’m loving the positive vibe joining up with this linky is giving my blog) here are my top 3


Daylight Saving Time

Our clocks went forward last Sunday so now it’s light until 7.30pm, admittedly it makes the mornings gloomy but it means the days of breakfast on the deck and barbecued dinners are getting closer, Yay!



All the beautiful little birds than skedaddle for the winter are starting to return.  The bird feeder is now full of the poor little soles trying to get a meal in while waiting for the plants and trees to do their thing and start producing food.  A little flash of colour gets me running to the back of the house to see what’s returned.  While we are still waiting for the ground to thaw and the leaves to return the colourful birds are a welcome sight.






Trip to the Zoo








The boys are off from school as it’s March break so we had a lovely few hours at the Zoo yesterday.  They are growing up so quickly now I know their days of hanging out with mum are numbered so I’ll enjoy them while I can. It was a brief visit because it was cold and kept snowing but I loved every minute.  We always had membership to Colchester Zoo when we were in England so it’s a thing I wanted to continue when we emigrated. I enjoy walking around the zoo in all weathers and having membership means you can pop in for an hour or so without the need to ‘get your money’s worth’.





Eldest son, the artistic one (maybe I should start calling him that ;-)) got some great shots with his camera and






Youngest son was wonderfully patient and didn’t moan once about us standing watching the same animal for ages while we hoped it would move to create the perfect photo opportunity.







I’m looking forward to taking my sister, her hubbie and my niece and nephew there when they come to visit us in a couple of weeks because I’m sure they will enjoy it and get a kick out of seeing the animals they don’t normally get a chance to see.


12 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful #3

  1. Mama Syder

    When we lived in Devon, I was amazed at the different types of birds that flew into my garden, especially as the house backed on to the sea, my garden attracted loads of birds that I’d never seen before. It was fab! Great reasons Lou xxx

  2. kathy

    whenever I make the trip to visit my daughter in Toronto we always take a 20 miles+ hike in the city. You should take your visitors to
    1. the boat/ship thing to toronto island stroll through cottages
    2. st lawrence market
    3. the boardwalk on the shore in the Beaches neighborhood
    4. allan gardens
    5. cabbage town–this is awesome in summer
    6. riverdale farm
    7. kensington market, crazy little stores in old houses, the annex
    8 queen street basically everywhere
    9 drive from toronto to huntsville via the backroads through town called Fenalen Falls (spelling might be wrong) then back to toronto through gravenhurst. Muskoka drive apparently there is ski in hunsville. Deerhust resort is an interesting place, as well as towm on huntsville.
    10, 1000 islands the drive to kingston i believe, can’t remember how I got there
    11, all the salvage shops and 2nd hand places
    12……i miss the place, can’t wait to get back there

  3. Really Rachel

    Firstly I have to say, I love the little blue bird that flies around your page. My son loves it as well as he was sitting beside me. The zoo sounds like lots of fun. I hope you have a lovely time with your visitors


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