Reasons to be Cheerful #20

I love the summer holidays for the extra time it gives us to spend together as a family.  Especially as my boys are growing up now they don’t always want to come out with me and hubbie so it always makes me really happy when they do.

Both the boys came for a wander around the zoo with me the other day, I love having the membership because it allows us to pop in for a couple of hours and then leave before it gets too hot and too busy.

Apparently the heat gets too much for the Panda too!

They didn’t like posing for my photos though!









Starting out early meant many of the animals were active as it was still quite cool so we got really close to some of them

Eldest son getting up close and personal with a White Lion










I also had the chance to snap a beautiful butterfly that got me some lovely comments on my Silent Sunday this week

I am very excited right now as we are preparing for a weekend away.  Hubbie has managed to get Friday off work and as it is a holiday Monday it means we have four days to head off in the truck with the tent to explore a new part of the country.  Pretty much anywhere here north of the city has beautiful scenery but the further north you go the better it gets, so that is where we are headed.  I’m looking forward to hiking and swimming (if the lake isn’t too cold ;-)) and spending some time together as a family off grid with no internet for distraction.  I even persuaded eldest son to come by offering him any food he wanted! (even boys almost 19 years old can be bribed with food!)

Another thing keeping me cheerful this week is the amazing bloggers and readers out there who take the time to read and comment on my posts and tweet me messages.  You guys continue to surprise me week after week and I think you are all awesome :-D



13 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful #20

  1. Mama Syder

    Oldest Son gets more & more like your Hubbie, its scary! His double! The zoo sounds great, wish I was going on that trip up north, you lucky things. Have a fabulous time xxx

  2. Nikki @ A City Mam Gone Country

    I have got to say, I hope to god when my boys are 19 that I can still bribe them with food lol! I too also love family time, infact I treasure. Linking up with you via the #R2BC link up, off to follow you on Twitter too, I’m @Flumplicious

  3. Paula

    I saw on the news last night that travel to the Barrie area is brutal as a result of a sinkhole. I hope that you are not going that far North. Wishing you a wonderful little get-away with the family.


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