Eldest son has just turned 19. Where does the time go?

This was us 19 years ago, it’s one of those post labour photos when you are so off your head on Pethidine and gas that you are only vaguely aware that someone is pointing a camera at you and certainly don’t have the where with all to tell your husband to actually show the baby to the camera!  What strikes me so much about this photo is how incredibly young we look. I was 20 and hubbie was 22 and eldest son was about 45 minutes!


I’m pretty sure in this shot I was not only marveling at my son but wondering what on earth I was supposed to do next, quite frankly when it came to babies I didn’t know my a*se from my elbow.


He certainly kept us on our toes for the first few years

 and he wasn’t the easiest baby but in hindsight that would have been due to my lack of experience and confidence. He didn’t sleep much, was the fussiest eater I’ve ever known and was literally the king of toddler tantrums!

But here we are 19 years on and no only have we all survived the toddler years (although it was touch and go there for a while!) but we breezed through childhood, thrived in the tween years and with only a year left… the teens are looking good so far!

He has just started  the college years and an exciting new chapter in his life full of lectures, the student union bar and a new found freedom.

And people often ask me how I knew he was destined for a computer orientated career and I always reply, “I just had a feeling!”

Eldest son at 11 months old

So Happy Birthday to our baby boy, we are very proud of you x


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  1. Zhu

    Love the “escaping by the window” picture! You know the police would be called at your place these days for posting such a shot… people have lost their sense of humour it seems!

    Yep, time goes by fast. I can’t believe Mark is almost one already!

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