New Experiences

I like it that 18 months into our adventure we are still having new experiences on a regular basis.


I had my first girls night.

I joined the executive committee of the SCC (PTA to the Brits) at youngest sons school in September, the rest of the committee are new to their roles too so it was a bit scary the first few months. Through hard work and determination have been doing a grand job and have raised several thousand dollars so we decided to have a get together to celebrate our success and do a bit of bonding.  I had a great time although I was bit nervous and didn’t talk much so I drank a little too much but I laughed like I hadn’t laughed in a long time.  FYI girls nights are the same and include copious amount of wine, food and frank conversation!


I had my first night alone in the house.

Ok it wasn’t completely alone but my Husband was away for work so although the boys were there Hubby wasn’t.  It didn’t used to bother me as he often stayed away back in England but I was a little worried about staying in this big house alone.  I imagined waking at every sound and lying there unable to sleep, I’m certain I never used to be such a ‘nervous nelly’.  Fortunately this night coincided with my girls night so several glasses of wine too many and I slept like a baby!


Crazy Weather

A ‘January thaw’ and freezing rain (when it literally ‘rains’ drops of ice) have been new experiences recently.  The former has been a welcome respite from the extreme cold even if it was very brief and the latter is probably the only weather phenomenon that causes chaos over here.  Now we’re looking at wind-chill in the -20’s to contend with next week, can’t say I’m looking forward to doing the school run in that!


Our first Holiday

As mentioned in previous posts we went to Florida over the holidays.  It was lovely to get away but it was also a bit weird constantly referring to our house in Canada as home.  Don’t get me wrong we refuse to call England home as we firmly believe that makes settling more difficult, but it’s surprising how many times you refer to your home when you’re not there i.e. “I wish we had this restaurant at home” “how many days till we go home?’” “If only we could grow these palm trees at home” it’s odd to suddenly realise you mean somewhere other than your birthplace.


We’ve been lucky that our new experiences continue to be positive, I wonder what’s next…

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  1. Mum

    Nice post Lou, glad to see you haven’t forgotten all I taught you about drinking! Life is full of positives and negatives wherever you are, its how you deal with them that makes the difference.

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