My Personal A-Z of Canada – A is for Animals

For a while, here in the blogosphere, bloggers have being embarking on a personal A-Z of whatever subject their blog is about, it was started by  Julie Dawn Fox a couple of years ago and is now used by people like me to share their story and their experiences in the place they choose to call home. I have been inspired by Emily at Skippy or Bullwinkle and Aisha at Expatlogue to join in with my own version, so here is the start of my A-Z of Canada

To begin with … A is for Animals


Grizzly Bear

Coming from the south east of England the biggest wild animal I ever saw was a fox.  In complete contrast Canada has a vast range of wild animals and it fascinates me to see huge creatures roaming free.  Here is a very small collection of the photos I have taken of our immense Canadian wildlife:

Polar Bears

Big Horn Sheep in Banff, Alberta










Elk in Banff, Alberta











Impressive hey? Of course a couple of these picture were taken in the Zoo because it’s far too dangerous to get that close to them and also because they live in a part of Canada I haven’t visited… yet.  Nevertheless they are out there roaming around in the same country as I do, it blows my mind.  As we begin to explore further afield I hope to be able to encounter some of these animals in the wild, next month when we go camping ‘up north’ it’s apparently the ideal time to see Moose and black bears so hopefully I’ll have some new photos to add to my collection.


This is just a snippet of the large animals that share the same parcel of land as me, the midsize animals like wolves, coyote and linx are in abundance too.  Smaller animals like raccoons, opossum, beavers and chipmunks  are all regular visitors to my garden and they will be featured in a later post.  I consider myself truly blessed that I can call this country home and that I can stand out on my deck any night of the week and see an amazing array of birds and animals pass through my garden. I simply love where I live 😀


Arctic Fox






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  1. Jill

    I did a challenge like this last year it was fun! Love the picture and I bet you wouldn’t want to find a bear in your garden lol

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